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Arbitrum Bearish Ahead of Token Unlock, Egrag Crypto Bullish on Ripple in Q2 2024, NuggetRush Prepares for Listing

Matt Williams
Last updated: | 2 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


  • Arbitrum price has plunged 27.9% ahead of its April 16th Token unlock. 
  • Egrag Crypto has predicted that the price of Ripple would soar in Q2 2024.
  • NuggetRush is getting set for its listing, promising potential gains.

As the date for Arbitrum’s token unlock approaches, its price has experienced a massive decline of 27.9%. This decline has caused panic among investors who are jumping to new projects. Egrag Crypto anticipates a bullish trend for Ripple in the second quarter of 2024. On another front, NuggetRush is gearing up for its listing on exchanges. The top DeFi project is poised to see 50x gains following the listing. 

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NuggetRush (NUGX) To Redefine the Gaming Sector

NuggetRush (NUGX) has attracted both gamers and investors with its cryptocurrency ICO. This ICO sent shockwaves across the crypto community. Investors were rushing to be a part of the project for fear of missing out. Although the blockchain ICO has ended, the results are outstanding. 

Over 270 million tokens were sold, and $3.75 million was raised during this presale. These numbers make NuggetRush the best cryptocurrency in the past year. Going forward, NuggetRush’s listing on exchanges is just 21 days from now. After this listing, we can look forward to the launch of its mining game.

This mining game features some elements of GameFi, NFTs, and memecoins. In the game, players can amass wealth by mining minerals and trading resources. Also, the game has various activities that players can take part in. Some of them include ranked play, battles, quests, and mining challenges.

By taking on these challenges, players can use gaming items and trending NFTs like RUSHGEMs. RUSHGEMs are special NFTs that are very rare and could be difficult to find in the game. However, those who find it can become millionaires overnight. These RUSHGEMs can be traded for real gold on NuggetRush’s marketplace.

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Arbitrum (ARB) Price Bearish As Token Unlock Looms

Per recent data, the Arbitrum (ARB) community is preparing for a massive event in the coming days. The Arbitrum network will be releasing 92.65M tokens on April 16th, an event that could affect ARB’s price trajectory. Ahead of the unlock, Arbitrum’s price charts are mainly bearish.

There are price losses of 27.9% on the 30-day price chart and 14.7% on the 7-day price chart. This bearish performance has dropped the altcoin’s yearly gains to 16.5%. Given the Arbitrum market is already bearish, April 16th could bring more downward movements. This makes Arbitrum not the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Ripple (XRP) To See Turnaround in Q2 2024 — Egrag Crypto 

Despite Ripple’s (XRP) bearish price movement, crypto analyst EGRAG Crypto has forecasted a turnaround in Q2 2024. EGRAG’s analysis on chart X showed that Ripple is at a crossroads and in a symmetrical triangle. 

On one hand, the altcoin could drop to a low of $0.44, which EGRAG called the “door to ValHell.” On the other hand, Ripple could rise to the top of the triangle and break out at $0.75. EGRAG called this point the “gate to Valhalla.” If this happens, Ripple’s price could surge to its current ATH at $3.70.

Final Thoughts 

Arbitrum’s upcoming token unlock comes at a bad time, as it is currently under bearish momentum. Unlocking more tokens will only lead to more price losses. Nevertheless, investors can find solace in top crypto coins, Ripple and NuggetRush. Both coins have been predicted to see huge gains in the coming weeks.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.