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Analysts are Predicting These Coins to Do Well This Year As Crypto Prices Crash

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 5 min read
Source: Adobe Stock / May Chanikran

Coin prices across the crypto market have crashed this year, leaving many investors wondering what to do next. However, bear markets don’t last forever, and some projects with strong fundamentals, real use cases, solid teams, and enthusiastic investor backing will no doubt come out the other side ready for major gains. Dash 2 Trade (D2T), RobotEra (TARO), IMPT, and Calvaria (RIA) are four such cryptocurrencies for the bear market that experts are predicting to do well in 2023.

Dash 2 Trade

With a rising demand for project vetting tools and community analysis after the FTX crash and burn and ongoing fallout, Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is set to do very well this upcoming year amidst a bearish crypto market. Many investors are expected to turn to D2T for its comprehensive and innovative platform features that will help them weather the storm, as well as its promise of alpha-generating opportunities through its presale dashboard.

Some of the features that Dash 2 Trade will offer include technology analysis, on-chain activity monitoring, repo pulls, social media engagement tracking, team experience assessment, smart contract audits, and business model reports. Using a combination of automated systems and human intelligence gathering means that Dash 2 Trade has built an effective system for generating alpha returns.

The team behind D2T has also been actively onboarding new talent to further develop their offerings and drive growth within the platform as well. With Ilyes Kooli, the former technical team leader from ConsenSys joining as Chief Technology Officer and Trevor M, the video producer from CoinMarketCap coming on board as Community Manager, users are getting excited about the possibilities of D2T.

With its beta launch just around the corner, investors will soon be able to see first-hand what Dash 2 Trade can offer in terms of data insights, analytics, and community engagement.

Dash 2 Trade plans to raise a total of $13,420,000, for which the majority of the tokens have already been sold. The price for D2T will increase to $0.0533 once the fundraising reaches $8,757,000; so early-bird investors should take advantage now while they still can.

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RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a blockchain-based gaming platform that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to enable players to create and customize their own robots that they’ll use to help rebuild the metaverse world of Taro after its recent destruction.

Players can upgrade their robots, mine resources from the land, cultivate sacred trees, and build and sell structures and assets. They earn rewards by going on quests, hosting events in the metaverse, or selling billboards to advertisers. By staking tokens, investors can also earn rewards and have voting rights in the DAO.

The TARO token is essential for participating in the Taro gaming world, serving as a means of exchange between users within the platform. It has a max supply of 1.8 billion tokens with only 270 million (15%) being sold through three consecutive presale phases: 90 million per stage with prices increasing incrementally from $0.06 to $0.1 at the end of the third phase.

Ultimately, RobotEra offers an interesting use case for crypto users looking to diversify their portfolios in this bear market. The platform has a number of potential revenue streams, offers NFTs for purchase, and can reward users for participating in its ecosystem. The project is also backed by an experienced team, along with an audited smart contract.

For more information on the RobotEra project, read the RobotEra whitepaper

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IMPT is set to significantly outperform other cryptocurrencies in this market due to its unique partnerships and innovative approach to carbon credits–a huge topic and vital use case in a world struggling to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The IMPT platform is designed to empower individuals and businesses with a more efficient way of purchasing and trading carbon credits, making it easier for users to offset their carbon footprints. IMPT offers rewards in the form of IMPT tokens which can be used for purchases from over 25,000 partner retailers including Samsung, Microsoft, LEGO, and Macy’s.

The project aims to make it easier for companies to purchase carbon credits by eliminating many of the intermediaries involved in the traditional process. IMPT will also keep a scoreboard to track the carbon-offsetting efforts of individuals and businesses.

The IMPT presale has raised over $13.3 million in just a few weeks, even in the bear market, making it one of the most successful projects in the market today.

As more people become conscious of their carbon footprints, IMPT may be an interesting option for those looking to get involved with a sustainable digital asset and generate profits at the same time.

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Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new blockchain gaming project that combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the metaverse. Players compete in an afterlife-themed setting to purchase and trade different NFT characters, all of whom have unique traits. Players can earn different token rewards based on their performance in the game.

RIA is the native digital asset of Calvaria, and it serves as the primary token used in the game economy. It also has PoS capabilities, allowing holders to earn passive income by staking their coins while also allowing them to participate in governance through its DAO.

What makes Calvaria stand out from many other blockchain games is it’s free-to-play model. Although the game does offer a paid version, users are not required to make any financial commitments to play. In fact, players even receive free NFTs as part of their welcome package.

RIA has now moved to its fifth and final stage of the presale. The RIA presale was planned to run for ten stages, but Calvaria’s developers decided they would end the presale at stage five to maximize profits for investors and begin work on the final pieces of their gaming platform. With majority of the funds needed already acquired, RIA is set to do extremely well in their pursuit within the blockchain gaming space.

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Cryptocurrencies for the Bear Market

With the wider bear market still baring its teeth, investors are looking for more ways to make a profit in this challenging environment. These four cryptocurrencies for the bear market—D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA—could very well prove to be the most profitable investments in the market downturn. With their innovative approaches and strong project fundamentals, these projects are well-positioned when the bear market reverses and the bulls return.