AI-Powered DEX aggregator PlutoSwap (PLUTO) Launches Community Pre-Sale

PlutoSwap (PLUTO) is making waves in the DeFi space with its launch of its AI-Powered DEX aggregator attracting significant attention from investors.

The project just started their community presale giving early members a chance to participate early in the success of the project.

PlutoSwap has invented a cutting-edge, AI-powered pathfinder algorithm allowing traders to find the best prices at any given time. The protocol focuses mostly on layer 2 blockchain to reduce transaction fees, improve speed, and scalability. PlutoSwap enables direct connection of AMM pools across different providers and discovers all possible paths for swapping any two tokens on multichain.

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With such innovative features, PlutoSwap is set to be a game-changer in the DeFi space and continues to attract attention from investors worldwide.

How PlutoSwap (PLUTO) is taking the world by storm

DEX aggregators have been creating a lot of buzz in the DeFi space recently, given the successful launch of the Jupiter DEX aggregator (JUP) on Solana.

Similar to Jupiter, PlutoSwap is a AI-Powered DEX Aggregator that focussed mostly on Layer 2 Blockchains. The platform’s presale, which began in February 2024, has been drawing attention from investors worldwide. With its unique features and promising potential, PlutoSwap is quickly becoming a top contender in the DeFi space.

Here are some of the key features of PlutoSwap:

AI-Powered Pathfinder: PlutoSwap is built on a unique architecture with the pathfinder algorithm. It can be developed, reprogrammed and self-learning a mathematical equation is created to get the maximum output from the integrated liquidity providers. The result of this equation gives the best received amount.

Fast, Secure, and Low-Cost Trading: PlutoSwap offers a fast, secure, and low-cost trading platform, which is designed to cater to the needs of both traders and investors. The platform’s focus on Layer 2 Blockchains and the versatile liquidity aggregator makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to buy, sell or trade digital assets.

Governance: PlutoSwap is ultimately governed by its community via forum discussions and voting on proposals held on PlutoSwap’s Snapshot. The objective is to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with trustless governance that is functional. This will be done by taking part in discussions on the platform’s forums, where anyone is free to share their thoughts on how the future DAO should function.

Proposals and Voting: Any member of the community is free to submit an idea for discussion on the forums. If a proposal garners enough support, the core team can put it up for voting on the Snapshot voting platform. Voting is based on casted governance power via the PLUTO Token. A vote needs to receive a quorum defined by governance parameters to be successful and take effect immediately.

PlutoSwap development team has already successfully deployed an alpha version on the Manta Layer 2 Testnet. After a successful testing stage the team expects to release a mainnet version very soon. The goal is to deploy the DEX aggregator on major layer 2 networks including Arbitrum, zkSync, Base and Manta Network.

The current pre-sale of PlutoSwap gives early community members a chance to be part of the PlutoSwap ecosystem from the very beginning.

According to DefiLlama the total volume of DEX has been around $25B in the past 7 days. This presents a significant market opportunity for PlutoSwap to join.

In conclusion, PluoSwap is a promising DeFi platform that offers a range of unique features and potential for growth.

Its presale is a chance for early community members to be an early part. If the project can achieve the same success as other protocols such as Jupiter, TraderJoe or PancakeSwap remains to be seen.

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