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Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Shoots Past $65,000 Resistance – Bulls Back in Control?

Arslan Butt
Last updated: | 4 min read
Bitcoin Price Prediction
Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin (BTC) held steady above the $66,000 mark, reaching an intra-day high of $66,500. The Bitcoin price prediction now indicates strong bullish momentum, driven by increasing institutional interest. BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) has attracted significant investment, while CME Group’s planned entry into Bitcoin spot trading is expected to boost market liquidity and demand.

BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) Shows Strong Institutional Interest

BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) has seen impressive performance since its inception. The trust has attracted significant attention, with 414 individual or institutional investors reported in the first few months. This level of interest is notable, as it’s uncommon for a new investment to have even 20 owners initially.

Since its launch in January, IBIT has grown from zero to managing $16.65 billion in assets, making it the most popular Bitcoin investment for regular investors. Major firms such as Millennium Management, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, and Aristeia Capital have invested in IBIT.

The rapid growth of IBIT to $16.65 billion in assets under management indicates strong institutional interest, which is positively impacting Bitcoin’s price.

  • Significant Attention: 414 investors in the first few months.
  • Rapid Growth: IBIT now manages $16.65 billion in assets.
  • Institutional Interest: Major firms like Millennium Management and Schonfeld Strategic Advisors are investors.

CME Group’s Entry into Bitcoin Spot Trading

CME Group, a major Chicago-based futures exchange, plans to enter Bitcoin spot trading due to growing demand, as reported by the Financial Times. The exact launch date is still uncertain, as the plan is being finalized. CME has a significant history in the crypto market, having introduced Bitcoin futures in December 2017 and micro-Bitcoin futures in May 2021 for smaller contracts.

Currently, CME leads in Bitcoin futures open interest with $9 billion and launched Bitcoin options in early 2020. However, it trails Deribit in options value. The demand for spot trading has surged, following the introduction of several spot ETFs earlier this year, with spot Bitcoin ETFs attracting $303 million in inflows on Wednesday.

Consequently, CME Group’s move into Bitcoin spot trading could positively impact Bitcoin’s price by increasing liquidity and institutional participation.

  • CME’s Entry: Plans to enter Bitcoin spot trading.
  • Market Leader: Leading in Bitcoin futures open interest with $9 billion.
  • Increased Demand: Spot Bitcoin ETFs saw $303 million in inflows recently.

Institutional Investments in Bitcoin ETFs and Their Impact on Price

Bitwise Chief Investment Officer Matt Hougan is optimistic about spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) due to rising institutional investments, which have exceeded initial expectations. Recent data indicates over 900 professional firms now invest in Bitcoin ETFs, holding a combined $3.5 billion. This surge marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency market, showcasing growing institutional interest in Bitcoin.

Despite this growth, professional investors currently hold only 7–10% of total Bitcoin ETF assets under management (AUM), indicating substantial potential for further expansion. Hougan noted that institutions typically follow a progressive investment trajectory, suggesting significant future allocations that could drive Bitcoin ETF growth and market participation.

  • Institutional Surge: Over 900 firms invest $3.5 billion in Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Growth Potential: Professional investors hold just 7–10% of Bitcoin ETF assets.
  • Future Allocations: Expected to further boost Bitcoin ETF growth and market activity.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin price prediction indicates a potential retracement after surpassing the $66,600 mark. Bitcoin has completed a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement at around $64,750, which now serves as significant support and today’s pivot point. As long as Bitcoin stays above this level, a bullish rebound is likely.

In this context, the immediate resistance is at the $66,600 level. Should Bitcoin break above this, the next resistance levels to watch are $67,820 and $69,000.

Bitcoin Price Prediction
Bitcoin Price Prediction

On the downside, if Bitcoin falls below the $64,750 support, it could drop further to $63,300. The 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) on the four-hour chart provides additional support around $63,150, enhancing the likelihood of a bullish bounce. However, if selling pressure increases and Bitcoin crosses below the 50-day EMA, further support levels are expected at $61,500 and $61,200.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has moved out of the overbought zone and is currently around 62, indicating continued bullish momentum.

Current Trend: Monitor the $64,750 and $63,300 levels closely, as they are critical for buyers. The likelihood of a bullish trend remains strong above these levels.

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