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Crypto-keen Law Firm Teams up with Leading South Korean University

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

Shin & Kim, a major South Korean law firm, that has consulted domestic companies on initial coin offering (ICO)-related matters, has signed a business agreement with the Blockchain Research Center at Korea University, one of the country’s most prestigious academic institutions.

Source: iStock/PeopleImages

Per media outlet EDaily, the agreement will allow the parties to provide consultation for cryptocurrency- and blockchain technology-related companies, and offer cryptocurrency-related legal support.

Shin & Kim began advising South Korean clients on international cryptocurrency-related business in 2016, and has previously provided domestic clients with consultation on ICO and cryptocurrency exchange launches.

The company also made the headlines a few months ago when it became South Korea’s first large law firm to create a dedicated cryptocurrency department.

EDaily quotes a Shin & Kim spokesperson as saying, “This deal will help us gain a deeper understanding of blockchain technology by conducting joint research. We expect to be able to provide more professional services to our customers as a result.”

The two parties also claim that they will begin shared research, internships and training projects, as well as forming “business strategies for new blockchain technology-related business.”

Korea University’s center was opened earlier this year, and has received wide-scale backing from government agencies, academic institutions, financial firms and a range of large South Korean corporations. Last month, the center penned deals with Chinese exchange Huobi (now based in Singapore), as well as America’s Ripple.

Korea University is traditionally considered one of South Korea’s “big three” universities, and alumni include former president Lee Myung-bak and Sukhee Kang, the former mayor of Irvine, California.