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Arrington XRP Capital Partner Urges Cryptoworld to Stop Raging on Twitter

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

One of the crypto world’s most prominent advocates believes that the current tech climate makes 2020 an “exciting time to be alive” for early movers – although public, crypto-themed social media rants must stop.

Michael Arrington. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Beyond Blocks

Michael Arrington, a partner at Arrington XRP Capital and the founder of IT media outlet TechCrunch opined, in a recent blog post,

“You can simply dive in [to crypto], become involved in your own way, and win. There are no gatekeepers yet. There are no real rules, even.”

He opined that cryptocurrency could eventually turn out to be a “for-real revolution in the making like the Internet.”

However, he warned that crypto advocates need to work on their public image, or risk missing out on mainstream acceptance in the long term.

He urged,

“We need to give way more credit to those trying new things. If an experiment is a fraud, it will be a fragile one and will not stand the test of time. Raging on Twitter isn’t going to expedite that process, it only makes people look unstable. And it drives people away, slowing the adoption of crypto planet-wide.”

Arrington took the time to single out Bitcoin for praise, stating, “Bitcoin is more ‘gold’ than gold is. It is the most perfect money ever conceived.”

He called the next 10 years ahead “a decade of crypto.” And he issued a warning to central governments, who, until now have held a firm grip on the financial system. He claimed crypto would “empower the individual as it weakens the power of the state to wage war and spread human misery.”

The TechCrunch founder says that he has “staked his career” on cryptocurrencies, and compared crypto advocacy to “religious” fervor.

Arrington ended with a rousing call to action, writing: “Embrace the liberty. Embrace crypto.”

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