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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
Kucoin referral codes

The KuCoin new user signup bonus is one of the best of all the cryptocurrency exchanges out there, but to get it users must ensure they’re using a KuCoin referral code that works.

In this article, we’ve verified a KuCoin referral code for our readers, so that they can be sure they’ll be able to access the signup rewards on offer. After that, we’ve created a step-by-step guide for how to get the rewards, along with a section explaining why traders choose to trade with the KuCoin exchange.

Key Takeaways

  • Get up to $700 worth of USDT for free, simply by signing up, verifying your identity, making a deposit, and making some trades on the KuCoin platform.
  • There is no minimum deposit or trading amount to receive this offer.
  • KuCoin ranks as one of the most popular exchanges and offers users trading bots, perpetual futures contracts, a highly-rated mobile app, and access to 700 different cryptos—including some of the hottest new ones.

What is the Kucoin Referral Bonus?

The KuCoin referral bonus is awarded to those who use a KuCoin referral code, sometimes called a Kucoin coupon code, to sign up to the KuCoin exchange for the first time.

There are 5 rewards, totaling a potential 700 USDT, that users can earn by completing relatively standard elements of signing up to a crypto exchange.

The five tasks that users need to complete to earn rewards are:

  1. Sign Up (to the KuCoin exchange) – Reward: 0.01–300 USDT or Coupon Reward
  2. Identity Verification (using a government-issued ID) – Reward: 0.01–100 USDT or Coupon Reward
  3. Deposit or Buy Crypto (any amount, any method) – 0.01–100 USDT or Coupon Reward
  4. Complete Your First Trade (on any market) – 0.01–100 USDT or Coupon Reward
  5. Complete a Pro Trading Task (variable by user) – 0.01–100 USDT or Coupon Reward

KuCoin Rewards Hub

Upon successful completion of each step users will get to either choose 1 of 3 USDT cards to reveal a USDT reward or to choose a mystery coupon, these coupons include:

  • 100 USDT Futures Deduction Coupon
  • 1 USDT Margin Trial Fund
  • 100 USDT Trading Bot Rebate Coupon

Each user’s personal plans for using the KuCoin exchange will depend on which KuCoin bonus, USDT or Coupon Reward, they select to receive. Note that each reward is random and no particular amount of USDT or any particular coupon are guaranteed.

Current KuCoin Referral Codes

The only KuCoin code that we’ve verified is the KuCoin welcome bonus that is available to you when you click the button below:


Clicking this button will take you through to the signup page, where the KuCoin referral code will already be locked in and ready to reward you!

Other KuCoin promo codes may exist, however, the above code is the only one that we have verified for April, 2024.

How to Claim the KuCoin Sign Up Bonus

Here we’ll walk you through how to earn, and claim, all 5 levels of the rewards associated with this KuCoin signup offer.

This is a simple process that can be completed in just 8 steps:

Step 1: Click the KuCoin Referral Link

To receive the previously described KuCoin signup bonus all you need to do is click this KuCoin referral code link and you’ll be transported to the login portal where the referral code field is pre-populated and your code is locked in and ready to go.

Step 2: Create an Account by Entering and Confirming Your Email

Begin the signup process by entering your email address, completing the captcha presented to you, and entering the verification code sent to your email address.

KuCoin Referral Signup Screen

Step 3: Create a Strong Password (Reward 1/5)

Always protect all your accounts, especially anything finance related like cryptocurrencies, with a strong, unique password. Create a strong and unique password to secure your new KuCoin account.

Now you’re signed up you’ve earned your first rewards! But you need to be verified to make withdrawals, so the next step is verification.

Step 4: Verify Your Account (Reward 2/5)

To receive the new-user rewards for using the KuCoin code you have to verify your account to make a deposit. Click “Verify Now” on the pop-up presented to you after creating your password to be taken to the verification page.

KuCoin Verification Box

Verification takes 3-5 minutes and can be completed using a smartphone with the KuCoin app or in your browser (the device you use needs to have a camera). You’ll need:

  • A copy of a government issued ID
  • To take a photo of the front and back of that ID
  • To take a selfie to verify that it is you using your ID

Once your verification has been confirmed (time for confirmed verifications may vary) you’ve earned your second reward! Get your next reward by making a qualifying deposit.

Step 5: Make Your First Deposit (Reward 3/5)

Once you’ve verified your account you can make a deposit to your account. The easiest way to do this is to select the “Buy Crypto” button in the menu bar and then select whichever option suits your needs (all are acceptable deposit methods for earning your reward).

KuCoin Buy Crypto Dropdown Menu

There is no minimum deposit amount and you can deposit fiat, crypto, or buy crypto through a third-party vendor or the P2P marketplace to qualify for this reward.

Step 6: Make a Qualifying Trade (Reward 4/5)

Once your account has funds in it you need to make a trade to earn your 4th reward. Qualifying trades can be made on the spot, futures, and margin markets, or via a trading bot—note that simple conversions and no-fee trades don’t count.

For most users the simplest way to do this would be to head over to the “Spot Trading” market, found under the “Trade” dropdown menu in the menu bar.

In the top left of the screen you’ll be able to choose the trading pair you want from the dropdown menu next to the trading pair you’re viewing, here it’s BTC/USDT.

BTC/USDT Trading Pair Kucoin

Once you’ve chosen your trading pair you can use the “Place Order” box on the right of your screen to place a trade from the cryptocurrency you own, e.g., USDT, to the one you want, e.g., BTC. There is no minimum amount for your reward-qualifying trade amount.

Step 7: Head to the Reward Hub to Claim Your KuCoin Referral Rewards

In the Menu Bar find the “More” dropdown menu and then click on the “Rewards Hub” to claim your rewards for each completed step.

KuCoin Rewards Hub Menu Bar

Each of the first 4 rewards should have a checkmark next to them, indicating that you’ve completed that task. Clicking on one of these tasks will allow you to select which reward you receive for that task.

KuCoin Signup Reward Selection

Select which one you want to receive. Selecting “USDT” will bring up a selection of 3 cards, and selecting one will reveal your reward, which will fall in the range specified for completing that task. If you select “Coupon”, you will be presented with a coupon for one of various things, e.g., fee reduction, or a rebate coupon.

Step 8: Pro Trading Tasks (Reward 5/5)

The final reward level #5 is the Pro Trading Tasks reward. This can vary but users can click the “Trade” button in the “Pro Trading Task” section to discover what this task is and complete it.

KuCoin Referral Pro Trading Reward

Upon completing this task return to the Reward Hub to claim your 5th and final reward.

Kucoin Bonus Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of using the KuCoin code to sign up to the exchange, and completing tasks to earn rewards are relatively straightforward. Here we’ve broken down the main terms and conditions in easy-to-read English:

  • The KuCoin referral code must be used at the time of signup (click this link to have the code locked in for you).
  • Users have up to 30 days from the time of initial signup to complete the tasks and claim their rewards.
  • Users must withdraw their rewards to their “Funding Account” within 30 days of signing up to the platform.
  • Users can only receive each reward once.
  • USDT reward amounts for each task completed are randomly determined within the pre-specified range.
  • First deposits and first trades can be for any amount.
  • Valid deposit methods for the “First Deposit/Buy Crypto” reward are Fiat Deposit, P2P, Third-Party, Fast Trade, or on-chain transfers.
  • The valid trade types for the “Complete Your First Trade” reward are spot, futures, margin, or bot trades, and fee-free trades don’t count.

The KuCoin explanation of these terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the “Reward Hub” page.

What is Kucoin?

KuCoin is a globally popular cryptocurrency exchange that is built to service both beginner and advanced traders. The exchange was founded and launched in 2017 and has since grown to serve 30+ million users in over 200 countries.

KuCoin offers users over 700 different cryptocurrencies for trading across over 1,300 trading pairs. On the KuCoin exchange, numerous deposit methods are accepted and traders can get access to spot, futures, and margin trading markets, as well as trading bots, and a staking platform, KuCoin Earn, with a wide range of crypto staking options.

The KuCoin exchange also has its own token, $KCS, and traders can receive a 20% discount on their trading fees when they pay them with this token. Traders holding a large number of $KCS, and those with high 30-day trading volume, can benefit from decreased trading fees of varying levels.

Below we’ve summarized the key pieces of information about KuCoin, along with pros and cons for the platform:

Aimed At: Beginner and advanced traders
Trading Products Offered: Spot, margin, futures, perpetuals, and options trading
(also offer trading bots)
Coins Offered: 700+
Mobile App: Yes (iOS and Android)
Deposit Fees: None for crypto and fiat deposits
(fees may apply to third-party and P2P purchases)
Withdrawal Fees: Crypto only
(withdrawal fees differ by token)
Spot Trading Fees: 0.1% down to -0.005%
(Reduced for holding $KCS or high 30-day trading volumes)
Staking: Yes
(APY varies by cryptocurrency)
Other Standout Features: Verified proof-of-reserve, crypto CFD trading, 20% fee discount for paying fees with $KCS, feature-rich mobile app, often the first to list hot, new cryptocurrencies


  • 700+ cryptocurrencies
  • Available in 200+ countries
  • Feature-rich mobile wallet
  • 20% discount on fees when paid in $KCS
  • Crypto CFD trading
  • Third-party verification of proof-of-reserves
  • Low spot market trading fees
  • Fully customizable, advanced trading interface
  • Quick to list new crypto tokens


  • Not regulated in most regions
  • Poor customer support (based on customer reviews)
  • No demo account
  • No copy trading feature

Why Use Kucoin for Crypto Trading?

While a KuCoin referral code may give traders a bonus for signing up to KuCoin there are multiple reasons why 30+ million global users continue to use KuCoin after receiving their KuCoin signup bonus. Here we’ve listed the top 10 reasons why traders choose KuCoin.

  1. 700 Different Cryptos: KuCoin’s huge selection of cryptocurrencies, and the fact that it is often one of the first to list new and trending cryptos, are some top reasons why traders choose to trade with KuCoin. These are offered across over 1,300 trading pairs.
  2. Multiple Markets: The KuCoin exchange offers users a wide variety of crypto markets to trade on, including spot, futures (perpetual), options, and margin trading markets.
  3. Support for 48 Fiat Currencies: Being able to deposit in their own currency, without incurring a conversion fee, is an important part of KuCoin’s global appeal, and KuCoin accepts one of the widest ranges of fiat currencies.
  4. Advanced Trading Tools: A fully customizable trading interface that integrates charts from the global charting standard platform TradingView, means that users can conduct an analysis and execute their trading strategies directly in the KuCoin exchange platform.
  5. Trading Bots: Trading bots are becoming incredibly popular in crypto, and KuCoin offers users multiple free trading bots to get started with, along with the ability to connect third-party trading bots to the exchange.
  6. $KCS Trading Fee Discount: If you pay your trading fees in the platform’s $KCS token you receive a 20% discount on those fees. In addition to this, traders who hold 1000 or more $KCS also receive a discount on their trading fees, as do those with a 30-day spot trading volume of 50BTC or more.
  7. High Liquidity: Those looking to trade cryptocurrencies regularly or in high volume, or both, look for exchanges with high liquidity that can ensure them they’ll be able to make the trades when they want, for the price they want.
  8. Staking Platform: Through the KuCoin Earn platform users can lock or stake all sorts of cryptocurrencies for varying APYs, allowing traders to maximize the utility of their idle assets.
  9. Top-Rated Mobile Apps: The crypto markets trade 24/7/365 so being able to take them with you and access them whenever you want is important to crypto traders. The KuCoin app is available for Android and iOS, where it has earned 4.3 and 4.7 stars respectively.
  10. Verified Proof-of-Reserves: After the FTX collapse of late 2022 users wanted to know that the exchange they were using actually held their assets. Many exchanges now publish proof-of-reserves for the top cryptos used on the platform, and KuCoin has these reserves audited by a third party for greater customer assurance.

Kucoin Sign Up Bonus Benefits

New users signing up with the KuCoin referral code can get up to $700 worth of USDT for completing rather routine signup tasks, such as verifying their identity, funding their account, and completing a trade. If they wish, users can opt to receive coupons for reduced fees or limited time access to parts of the KuCoin exchange, instead of their USDT.

This KuCoin signup bonus not only allows users to receive extra funds into their crypto trading account, but also helps them familiarize themselves with the platform. In addition to this, this signup bonus has one of the longest periods of all exchanges, giving users 30 days to complete all of the tasks needed to earn these rewards.


What is the Signing up Bonus for Kucoin?

The KuCoin signup bonus is for new users who complete a specific list of signup tasks once registered to the platform—and is worth up to 700 USDT. To be eligible for this KuCoin signup bonus users need to sign up through a verified signup code, such as the one we have verified in our article.

What is the Best Referral Code for Kucoin?

The best referral code for KuCoin can earn new users up to 700 USDT for completing quite simple tasks on the platform after sign up. We have verified the best KuCoin referral code in this article, where we also have a step-by-step guide for getting the rewards.

How Do I Get a Kucoin Bonus?

To get a KuCoin bonus you must sign up to the exchange using a verified KuCoin referral code, like the one we have in this article.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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