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how to buy mollars token

Mollars ($MOLLARS) is an innovative crypto project blending Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with gaming and Web3. It differentiates itself by integrating with gaming platforms and exploring potential Web3 products, improving its token’s utility.

The $MOLLAR token is at the center of this ecosystem, which allows holders to earn passive income. The platform recently launched a six-round presale where early buyers can grab the tokens at a discounted price. At press time, buyers can grab the $MOLLARS tokens for only $0.45 each. This guide offers a detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy Mollars.

What is Mollars?

Mollars is a hot new crypto project integrating DeFi, gaming, and emerging Web3 technologies. The web3 gaming market is expected to grow to $133 billion by 2033, with a CAGR of over 18%.

This growth can benefit Mollars, especially given that its approach to combining gaming with DeFi principles addresses a significant gap in the current market, offering a unique proposition to gamers and investors.

What is Mollars?

The platform is also committed to a decentralized model, where decision-making power lies with the community, not centralized authorities, making it one of the best ICOs to watch out for.

Integration with Gaming and Web3

Mollars integration with gaming and Web 3 at the center of the MOLLARS ecosystem, increasing the token’s utility and opening new avenues for user engagement and growth.

  • Gaming Integration: MOLLARS plans to introduce a gaming product at launch and aims to bridge the gap between gaming and actual rewards. This integration creates the way for new opportunities and incentive structures.
  • Web3 Integration: Alongside gaming, MOLLARS also aims to enter the Web3 space, proposing the launch of a Web3 product. This move aims to increase the token’s utility beyond traditional gaming. It opens up new possibilities for even more engagement within the its community.

Community-Driven Governance Model

Mollars is one of the best new cryptos that follow a fully community-driven governance model, focusing on a decentralized operation approach. This model places decision-making power directly in the hands of the community members who are actively involved and invested in the project.

Per the Mollars whitepaper, the platform has a community-centric approach, where each member, regardless of financial status, plays an important role in the ecosystem. This inclusive environment can create strong community bonds, especially with every user contributing to the project’s evolution.

  • Decentralization and Founder Exit: Key to the platform’s governance model is its strong commitment to decentralization. This is evident in the planned exit of its founders post-launch, a strategic decision designed to transfer governance and control entirely to the community. This move ensures that MOLLARS operates as a genuinely community-driven platform where the token holders have full autonomy in shaping the project’s future.
  • Democratic Decision-Making: The governance structure of MOLLARS gives token holders voting rights, enabling them to participate actively in decision-making. This includes shaping the game’s direction, tokenomics, and other important strategic decisions.
  • Transparent Voting Systems: The platform uses transparent voting systems and community forums, enabling every voice to be heard. This transparency ensures that all decisions are made collectively and reflect the community’s needs and aspirations.
  • Sustainable and Self-Governing Ecosystem: The governance model is designed to ensure the longevity and continuous innovation of the MOLLARS ecosystem. By involving the community in key decisions, the platform remains dynamic, responsive, and aligned with the evolving needs of its users.

Mollars: Tokenomics and Presale

The platform has set a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens. This limited supply is strategically chosen to ensure controlled and sustained growth. A significant portion of these tokens is allocated to community engagement and rewards, ensuring active participation from members, making it one of the top crypto presales to watch out for.

MOLLARS tokens can be primarily earned through active participation in the community. This approach democratizes access to tokens, making rewards more about engagement and involvement.

The recently launched MOLLARS presale is structured across multiple rounds, with the token price gradually increasing from $0.3 to $0.6. This phased approach not only helps in managing demand but also in raising funds essential for the project’s development and expansion. It even gives analysts a foothold to stand on when making bullish $MOLLARS token price predictions. 

Mollars Token Distribution

Each transaction involving MOLLARS is subject to a 3% tax. This tax is reinvested into the ecosystem, supporting various aspects like game improvements, community initiatives, and tech advancements.

The platform has also included a 1% burn rate on transactions, a deflationary tactic to gradually reduce the total token supply. This mechanism is expected to create scarcity over time, potentially improving the token’s value and encouraging long-term holdings.

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MOLLARS’ roadmap for 2024 is strategically divided into four key phases, each designed to build a strong foundation and ensure sustainable growth for the token.

  • Phase 1: Groundwork: This initial stage is focused on developing a secure and transparent smart contract for the $MOLLARS token. Emphasis is placed on building trust with potential investors and users through a thorough audit process and clear mechanics. Concurrently, the project aims for active community engagement through various social media platforms, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram. This phase is crucial for creating a strong base and getting initial support for the project.
  • Phase 2: Takeoff: The ‘Takeoff’ phase is the beginning of MOLLARS’ active presence in the DeFi landscape. In this phase, the project will likely introduce more tangible elements of the ecosystem, possibly including the launch of its gaming product. This stage is critical for showing the practical utility of the MOLLARS token and its integration within the gaming and Web3 spaces.
  • Phase 3: Community Fortification: MOLLARS aims to strengthen its community bonds in the third phase. This stage will likely involve more interactive community initiatives, deeper engagement strategies, and perhaps the introduction of governance mechanisms that give token holders a say in key decisions.
  • Phase 4: Evolution: The final phase, ‘Evolution,’ involves the continued development and expansion of the MOLLARS ecosystem. This could include scaling the platform, introducing new features or products, and continuously adapting to the changing DeFi space. This phase shows MOLLARS’ commitment to long-term growth and its adaptive approach to the needs of its community and the broader market.

How to Buy Mollars ($MOLLARS) Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a simple five-step guide to help you buy $MOLLARS:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Wallet

First, you need a digital wallet compatible with the Mollars presale website. MetaMask is a widely-used option due to its ease of use, available as both an app for mobile devices and a browser extension for PCs.

MetaMask home

You can also download and install well-known wallets like Ledger and Trust Wallet, as the Mollars website supports over 380 wallet options.

Step 2: Getting ETH or USDT

Mollars accepts Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and even credit cards to buy $MOLLARS tokens. You can get these cryptos through any major exchange.

After purchasing, transfer them to your chosen wallet. Alternatively, some wallets offer the option to buy these cryptos directly. Transactions can be processed through a third-party provider if you prefer using a bank card. You will need your crypto wallet address for this transaction.

Step 3: Connecting Your Wallet

To start the purchase, connect your wallet to the Mollars presale page. Click the ‘connect wallet’ button, select MetaMask or any other wallet you use, and follow the steps to connect.

Connect Wallet on Mollars Presale

Step 4: Buy MOLLARS

Once your wallet is connected, choose the type of crypto (ETH/USDT) you want to exchange for $MOLLARS tokens. Enter the amount you wish to spend and click ‘Buy $MOLLARS Tokens.’ The platform will guide you through the steps to authorize and complete the transaction.

Step 5: Claiming Your MOLLARS Tokens

After your purchase, the $MOLLARS tokens will be held on the presale platform until the end of the presale period. When the presale ends, you must visit the website again to claim your tokens. Click on the ‘Claim’ button and confirm the transaction. The dates for claiming your tokens and the official launch will be announced in due course.


Mollars is a decentralized crypto aiming to integrate gaming and Web3, focusing on community-driven governance and a merit-based economy, offering a unique ecosystem for DeFi and user engagement.

The platform is currently in round 3 of its presale phase, where early buyers can grab the tokens for only $0.45. This price, however, will rise to $0.6 by the end of the sixth round and potentially even higher at the time of exchange listings.

Investors wondering how to buy $MOLLARS can get started by connecting a wallet to the presale website and swapping the token for USDT or ETH.

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What is Mollars ($MOLLARS)?

Mollars is an innovative crypto project blending Decentralized Finance, gaming, and Web3. It differentiates by integrating with gaming platforms and potential Web3 applications, improving its token utility, and offering a unique investment opportunity in the rapidly growing web3 gaming market.

How to invest in Mollars?

To invest in Mollars, set up a compatible digital wallet like MetaMask. Get ETH or USDT, which you can use to purchase $MOLLARS tokens during the presale. Connect your wallet to the Mollars presale site, select your preferred crypto, and follow the prompts to buy $MOLLARS. Post-purchase, claim your tokens from the presale site after the presale ends.

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