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How to Buy KaiCat ($KAI) in 2024 – Easy Guide

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 4 min read

KAI, known as KaiCat, is an exciting new meme coin presale that uses a cat mascot with a Ray Gun that “split Bitcoin in half”. The team has made $KAI to be AI-compatible making it more appealing to a broader investor audience.

This guide shows you how to buy the $KAI token by setting up a crypto wallet and then grabbing ETH coins to complete the purchase.

How to Buy KAI Token ($KAI) in 4 Easy Steps

Similar to all token presales, buying the $KAI token is straightforward. Here’s how it works in four steps:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

With over 100 million users globally, we recommend MetaMask. Visit the MetaMask website and select “Download”. This will install a browser extension. Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, and Opera are all supported by MetaMask.

Open MetaMask once installed and follow the instructions to create a new wallet. The most important step here is to write down your seed phrase on paper and never share it with anyone or take photos of it. You need the seed phrase to restore your wallet access in case your computer breaks.

metamask crypto wallet

Step 2: Buy ETH or BNB

Next, you need ETH or BNB. Visit a crypto exchange like Binance and buy ETH or BNB. There are multiple crypto purchase options, including a card, Apple Pay, peer-to-peer transfer, or a bank transfer. Choose the option that best suits your financial situation. Card purchases are usually faster than bank transfers, but come with higher fees.

Once you have your ETH or BNB, go to your account profile and select the “Withdraw” option. Copy and paste your MetaMask wallet address and wait for your coins to arrive in your wallet.

Note: If you use BNB, click the Ethereum logo in MetaMask at the top left corner and switch to the Binance chain. Both Ethereum and Binance chain use the same wallet address, however.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to the Presale Site

Visit the KAI presale site and connect your MetaMask wallet. Select which blockchain you wish to use, Ethereum (ETH) or Binance (BNB), and select the cryptocurrency.

kai token presale

Step 4: Buy $KAI Tokens

Enter the amount of ETH or BNB and the site will automatically calculate the number of $KAI tokens you’ll get in return at the current presale exchange rate. You can now stake your tokens and earn a generous annual percentage yield of over 50,000%.

Note: Only $KAI tokens bought on the Ethereum network with ETH or USDT are eligible for the staking rewards.

Visit KAI

What is KAI?

KAI ($KAI) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning you need an Ethereum-compatible wallet to buy and store it.

The idea behind this token is to use a cat character with a Ray Gun and make it AI-compatible, even though there’s no explanation of what that means yet. This combination of a cat meme and AI is designed to drive hype and attract investors and meme coin traders.

To become one of the best cat meme coins, KAI offers generous staking rewards during the presale with over 50,000% APY in the early stages. On top of that, there will be community rewards, called Purr Points, for users who engage and contribute to KAI.

With the resurgence of cat meme coins where POPCAT recently pushed past the $700 million market cap and MANEKI and MEW became popular on Solana after airdropping their tokens to Solana Saga holders, the potential for KAI to become a 100x meme coin is growing strong.

kai meme coin

The $KAI token currently trades at $0.00402 and has successfully raised over $160,000 within minutes after the presale launched. Expect the token price to go up during the presale. This means buying the token as early as possible could help you secure some of the lowest token prices before it launches on exchanges.

KAI Tokenomics

There is a total token supply of 10,000,010,404 $KAI. For the presale, 20% have been set aside, while staking rewards get 15%. Community rewards, called Purr Points, will get 25% of the total token supply. This means a combined 60% of all tokens will go to community members and early investors.

The team has also set aside 15% of the supply for liquidity pools and an additional 25% for marketing. This could offer a huge boost and increase token awareness across various meme coin trader communities and help the token price once it launches on exchanges.

kai tokenomics

KAI Roadmap

Meme coins typically don’t have roadmaps or if they do, they aren’t as complex as projects like Solana or Sui. However, the team behind KAI does have a roadmap and has outlined three phases where:

  • Phase 1: Sets up the infrastructure with the Coinsult token audit and staking rewards, and begins forming a community called “digital kitties” and “cat warriors”.
  • Phase 2: Launch on crypto exchanges and begin rewarding the community through events and challenges.
  • Phase 3: Aim for the moon and dominance over dog-themed meme coins.

Check out the KAI whitepaper for more information. Also, follow KAI on X and join the KAI Telegram channel for more information.


Our how-to-buy $KAI guide provides four simple steps from setting up your MetaMask wallet and buying ETH or BNB to connecting to the KAI presale site and purchasing as many tokens as you want.

Early investors get to earn a generous staking APY during the presale stages on top of getting the chance to buy $KAI at a low price.

Visit KAI


Where Can I Buy KAI?

You can buy KAI only on the KAI presale site. Use ETH, BNB, USDT or a card to complete the purchase.

How Do You Buy KAI Tokens?

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the KAI presale site and use ETH, USDT, BNB or a card to complete the purchase.


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