10 Best Crypto to Buy During the Crash

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
best crypto to buy during crash

The broader digital asset markets have remained in a declining trend throughout 2024 and hence, we are now firmly in a crypto winter. On the flip side, this means that Bitcoin and plenty of other high-grade cryptocurrencies can now be purchased at significant discounts.

This guide explores the best crypto to buy during this dip.

The Best Crypto to Buy During the Crash

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best cryptos to invest in during the current market crash:

  1. Smog – Best new meme coin to buy during the crash. Get up to 42% staking APYs.
  2. Sponge V2 – New token version of a popular meme coin. Soared by 100x in 2023.
  3. Bitcoin Minetrix –  Innovative stake-to-mine crypto, over $11.4M raised.
  4. eTukTuk – Multi-utility crypto builds EV charging stations, provides 167% APYs.
  5. Bitcoin – Biggest and most popular crypto, with a $1 trillion market cap.
  6. Ethereum – #1 altcoin in terms of market cap, main place for builders of DApps.
  7. BNB – Proprietary crypto asset and utility token for the Binance exchange.
  8. Solana – Super-fast blockchain, market cap of nearly $50 billion.
  9. Dogecoin – Crypto’s biggest meme token, offered over 100,000% in ROIs since launch.

Reviewing the Best Cryptos to Invest in the Crash

The crypto bear market offers unprecedented opportunities from a value investment perspective.

Some top-rated crypto assets – including both new and established projects, are now trading at discounts of 80-90% from the previous highs that were witnessed in late 2021.

As such, seasoned crypto investors are now buying the dip.

Not sure which coins to focus on for the purpose of building a crypto portfolio? Below, we discuss some of the best crypto to buy during the crash.

1. Smog – Overall Best Meme Coin to Buy During the Crash

At the #1 spot for the best cryptocurrency to buy during the crash is Smog ($SMOG). In February 2024, $SMOG launched straight on the Jupiter decentralized exchange.

Smog homepage

After listing at a market cap of only $2 million, the token soared past the $100 million valuation within a few days. It is one of the top cryptos to buy during the crash due to its staking yields and airdrop rewards.

This new meme coin aims to conduct one of the biggest airdrops on the Solana blockchain. From its total supply of 1.4 billion tokens, 35% will be offered as airdrop rewards. Interested users can register for the airdrop with Zealy and start collecting airdrop points.

To earn points, you can complete daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. Points can also be collected by staking tokens on the Smog smart contract. At the time of writing, token holders can generate up to 42% in APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) by staking $SMOG. More than 12.5 million tokens have been staked on the smart contract.

Smog how to buy

Another 50% of the token supply will be used for marketing purposes. Since many meme coins depend on viral marketing, the focus on growing the brand externally can play a big role in helping increase the trading volume. For more information, read the Smog whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

Visit Smog

2. Sponge V2 – New Token Version of a Popular Meme Coin, Get 187% Staking Rewards

Very few tokens could accumulate a 100 million market cap, attract 13,000 holders from over ten centralized exchanges, and 30,000 social followers in a matter of days amidst the 2023 bear market. Sponge V1 achieved all this. And that’s what heightens the investor community’s optimism about Sponge V2: the new version of the popular Memecoin, Sponge, which comes packed with a new P2E game. The game enables the holders to earn more tokens in-game.

Sponge V2 Home Page

To earn Sponge V2, users would have to stake V1 coins. Metamask or Trust Wallet, any one of the two, is compatible with the purchase mechanism. And to purchase Sponge V1, you can either swap ETH or USDT or make a bank card purchase.

Apart from the fact that the new token has greater utility than the earlier one, it also has efficient tokenomics with no major allocation for marketing hype. Rather, it has ensured over 51% of tokens as rewards to be given out to stakers and P2E model participants. A 10% allocation of Sponge V2 tokens ensures that there is ample CEX liquidity for the token to be rewarding to hold.


​​To gain a deeper understanding of Sponge V2, consider reviewing its whitepaper and stay updated with the latest news by following Sponge on both Telegram and Twitter.

Presale Started Underway
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, and Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

3. Bitcoin Minetrix – A Bitcoin Stake-To-Mine Presale With Over $11.4M Raised

As the broader market strives to recover, Bitcoin Minetrix sets a new standard in Bitcoin cloud mining. Within a few months of its launch, the Ethereum-based project has already raised over $11.4 million, indicating strong community and investor interest.

The platform’s native token, $BTCMTX, is currently priced at $0.137 per token. With a hard cap of $32 million, 70% of the total token supply is allocated for the presale.

Bitcoin Minetrix presale

Bitcoin Minetrix breaks away from the norm with its unique ‘Stake-to-Mine’ feature, a first in the industry. Per the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper, by staking $BTCMTX tokens, users receive non-tradable mining credits that can be burned for Bitcoin mining power.

This transparent mechanism mitigates the risk of fraud, making it a secure alternative to traditional cloud mining contracts that usually involve more risk.

The platform stands out for empowering its users. You can unstake your $BTCMTX tokens whenever you choose, giving you full control over your investments. This starkly contrasts traditional methods that usually involve complicated contracts and long lock-in periods.

The staking pool has already seen over 600 million tokens and offers an APY of 59% at press time, although this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

Bitcoin Minetrix decentralized cloud mining

Bitcoin Minetrix employs an eco-friendly mining model in line with modern sustainability concerns. It shuns the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work method, eliminating the need for expensive equipment or specialized software.

Moreover, the platform is designed for mobile access, allowing users to manage their mining operations.

The intuitive dashboard streamlines the mining process, displaying key metrics like mining power bought and earned.

Also, the project’s smart contract has undergone a thorough audit by Coinsult, adding a layer of credibility and security. For more information, join the Bitcoin Minetrix community on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram.

Presale Started 26 Sept 2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, BNB
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment $10
Max Investment None


4. eTukTuk – Make Crypto Payments on EV Charging Stations, Receive 167% Staking APYs

By bringing forth blockchain technology in the EV (Electric Vehicle) space, eTukTuk ($TUK) is paving the path for sustainability and cheaper options for TukTuk drivers.

eTukTuk presale

This cryptocurrency focuses on building sustainable driving engines for TukTuk drivers in developing economies. Currently, most drivers use ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines), which contribute to air pollution. Furthermore, the rising energy prices are making ICEs obsolete.

eTukTuk will release its flagship zero-emission vehicles in various developing countries. They will build EVSEs (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) to support payments in $TUK, the native coin. EVSEs will be built and operated by local territory partners.

The drivers are expected to earn an additional 400% in revenues by joining eTukTuk. Territory partners will also be paid some of the revenues generated on the charging stations. $TUK can be the ideal token to purchase during the crash due to its high staking yields.

eTukTuk charging stations

Token holders can stake $TUK and earn 167% in annual yields. Moreover, their staked tokens will be used to operate the charging stations. By introducing a play-to-earn game, eTukTuk provides additional revenue-making opportunities.

Currently, $TUK is priced at $0.02725 on presale, which has raised more than $1.4 million. For more information, read the eTukTuk whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.


5. Bitcoin – Buy the De-Facto Crypto Asset of Choice at a Discount Amidst the Crash

The likes of Smog and Sponge V2 each represent new cryptocurrency projects with a sizable upside potential. This is because each project is still in its infancy and thus – carries a low-cap crypto valuation.

With this in mind, it is also wise to consider established projects like Bitcoin to ensure the crypto portfolio is balanced.

Bitcoin coin

Bitcoin needs no introduction, considering it is the original and still de-facto digital asset in this sector. While the price of Bitcoin has been hammered in 2022 like most other cryptocurrencies, many will view this as an opportunity of a lifetime. After all, when compared to its $69,000 all-time high, Bitcoin can be purchased at a 70% discount at the time of writing.

In other words, when Bitcoin was generating significant growth during the prior bull market, nobody could have predicted that just 12 months later the value of the digital asset would have dropped below the $20,000 level, although it has climbed back to around $30k.

Nonetheless, based on prices at the time of publication, should Bitcoin eventually return to its $69,000 all-time high, this would offer an upside of over 150%.

With the next Bitcoin halving expected in mid-2024 – with all previous halvings sparking a bull run – BTC could soon be pushing all-time highs.

6. Ethereum – Leading Smart Contract Network Offering Creation of dApps

The investment thesis on Ethereum is much the same as Bitcoin – this high-grade cryptocurrency is available to purchase at an unprecedented discount. In fact, when compared to its all-time high of over $4,900, as of writing – Ethereum is also trading at a discount of almost 70%.

A return to the $4,900 level at some time in the future would represent an upside of 150%.

Ethereum logo

So why Ethereum? Well, Ethereum is undeniably the smart contract network of choice in the cryptocurrency space. Many thousands of projects have opted to build on top of the Ethereum framework, including those on this list such as Bitcoin Minetrix. This also includes more established projects, like Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Enjin.

But just how safe is cryptocurrency? Crucially, the Ethereum network has an unrivaled reputation for quality and security in this space, even more so now that the blockchain has merged over to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. While transaction fees remain an issue, this is something that the Ethereum Foundation will eventually resolve after further upgrades are made.

7. BNB – Proprietary Crypto Asset and Utility Token of the Binance Ecosystem

Not only is Binance the largest crypto exchange globally by trading volume, but it dominates this space by significant levels.

According to CoinMarketCap, Binance is responsible for more than 3x as much volume as its nearest rival.

Binance exchange logo

With this in mind, BNB – the exchange’s native digital asset and utility token, could be the overall best crypto to buy during the crash. During the most recent bull market, BNB hit heights of nearly $670.

For further details on the future price of Binance Coin be sure to read our BNB price prediction.

8. Solana – Smart Contracts Platform with Huge Upside Potential

Make no mistake about it – Solana is a quality blockchain and smart contract platform that arguably deserves its multi-billion dollar market capitalization. Solana facilitates ultra-fast transactions with super-low fees, in a highly scalable manner.

However, Solana was caught up in the FTX collapse, which is evident in the capitulation of its price, with various VC firms and exchanges holding Solana at the time they folded.

Solana coins

SOL has made a recovery since the end of 2022, but is not close to its previous highs.

However, the fundamentals of Solana as a project have not changed and therefore, Solana could be the best crypto to buy during the crash for long-term portfolios.

9. Dogecoin – Leading Meme Token with Increasing Utility and Adoption

Dogecoin continues to prove that it has the potential to generate short-term gains that go above and beyond broader crypto trends.

Dogecoin recently enjoyed a rapid upward pricing rally of over 100% at the end of 2022 after Elon Musk purchased Twiter, with investors speculating the billionaire would add DOGE as a payment currency on the social media site.

Dogecoin coins

At the time of writing, no such move has been made, but it may still be a goal of the Tesla owner and could be the best crypto to buy during the dip for speculative purposes.

Dogecoin is still looking at a huge valuation decline when compared to its 52-week highs but has major name recognition from the general public and could make a move in the next bull run.

Why is the Crypto Market Crashing?

The crypto market has been in a bearish cycle since the start of 2022, with the collapse of Terraform Labs and Luna one initial spark.

Macroeconomic conditions have led to poor performance in nearly all financial and investment spaces, with crypto suffering some of the worst losses.

Political unrest and the banking crisis in the US, the Russo-Ukranian War and energy crisis in Europe and other factors have all caused major issues for investors.

The collapse of crypto exchange FTX had wide-ranging ramifications across the crypto space, with billions of dollars of investor money lost, numerous crypto firms struggling and thousands of crypto-related jobs being axed.

Federal rate hikes have continued for months and many retail investors are feeling the squeeze, with insutional investors also tightening their purse strings until things improve.

Should You Invest During a Crash?

The sheer sell-off that has occurred since the FTX scandal was brought to press is arguably an overreaction.

On the one hand, it does make sense that broader sentiment on the cryptocurrency space will take a hit in circumstances such as this – especially considering that it involves one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

  • However, the fundamentals of solid cryptocurrency projects have not changed.
  • For example, as we mentioned earlier, while Solana has seen a significant drop in value, it remains a top-rated project with strong fundamentals – especially when focusing on its smart contract network and low-cost, fast, and scalable blockchain.
  • Crucially, those that believe that the current crypto crash is temporary and will ultimately recover at some point in the future can now enter positions at a huge discount.

Prices of legacy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum might never be seen again, so there are plenty of opportunities to gain exposure at a highly favorable entry point.

How to Find Cryptos to Buy in the Crash

Irrespective of whether the markets are in a bullish or bearish cycle, cryptocurrencies remain a high-risk asset class. As a result, investors should be prepared to lose some or even all of the money that is invested in this space.

Nonetheless, proponents of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will argue that current pricing levels are simply too good to turn down. The key challenge, however, is knowing what crypto to buy during the crash.

In this section, we offer some insight into the methods that can be used to find coins to buy after the so-called Black Friday crypto crash.


First, we should reiterate that quality crypto projects will always attract capital from investors regardless of broader trends. This is why ongoing presale campaigns like Love Hate Inu and DeeLance continue to raise millions of dollars from early investors.

The reason for this is that even during a bear market, top-rated presales can go on to generate significant returns.

Ultimately, when searching for coins to buy during the crash, it is worth considering a small allocation of the portfolio to presales and small-cap projects with strong fundamentals.

Focus on Market Leaders

There is a reason why many crypto index funds in this space allocate the vast majority of their weighting to Bitcoin and Ethereum. After all, these two projects have firmly solidified their role in the broader crypto space.

With this in mind, when compiling a list of the best crypto to invest in during the crash, from a risk-management perspective it could be worth focusing on the aforementioned market leaders.

This is especially the case now considering that both Bitcoin and Ethereum can be purchased at a significant discount from previous highs.

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Look for High Upside Cryptocurrencies

The overarching goal when buying cryptocurrencies is to make above-average gains that cannot be rivaled in the traditional stock market.

One of the best ways to find suitable coins during the cryptocurrency crash is to look for quality projects that have witnessed an unjustified price capitulation of 80-90% from prior highs.

This might include the likes of Solana, Dogecoin, Decentraland, the Sandbox, and even XRP. The idea here is that should the chosen coins return to former all-time highs, this will present an attractive upside.


In summary, we have analyzed and ranked some of the best crypto to buy during this dip. Some of the most solid crypto assets in this space can now be purchased at discounts of 70% and more. As such, there are plenty of opportunities right now for long-term investors.

We believe that Smog is the best crypto to buy during the crash. The $SMOG token launched on the Jupiter DEX in February 2024 – quickly soaring past a $100 million market cap. The cryptocurrency will allocate 35% of its supply through airdrops and is offering huge staking yields to investors.

Visit Smog


Will crypto survive a market crash?

Although the crypto markets have witnessed a significant decline in recent days, the industry has experienced many bearish cycles over the prior decade. Crucially, however, the broader crypto industry has already recovered. It does, however, remain to be seen how long current pricing trends will last. In the meantime, seasoned investors are buying the dip by investing in quality cryptocurrencies at a huge bargain.

Which crypto coin is best to buy now?

Those looking for the best crypto to invest in during the crash might consider Bitcoin and Ethereum – both of which can be purchased at a significant discount from previous highs.

However, for those targeting potentially higher returns, the Smog token could be a noteworthy option, as it offers its native token at appealingly low initial prices, backed by airdrop rewards and staking yields.


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