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The Best Blockchain Development Companies in 2024

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 10 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
best blockchain development companies

Business is quickly moving onto the blockchain, and companies that are slow adopting decentralized technology are at risk of falling behind their peers. However, building decentralized apps or even a custom blockchain is time-consuming and challenging. It takes an experienced development team to turn project visions into reality. That’s where blockchain development companies come in. In this guide, we’ll review the best blockchain development companies of 2024 and help companies choose the best development firm to bring their decentralized project to life.

The 7 Best Blockchain Development Companies

Let’s dive straight into our list of the best blockchain development companies for 2024:

  • Consensys – Best Blockchain App Development Company for Ethereum Projects
  • Unicsoft – Best Blockchain Game Development Company
  • SoluLab – Top Blockchain Development Firm for Multi-chain Projects
  • Cubix – Best Blockchain Development Company for DeFi Apps
  • Labrys – Top Blockchain Firm for Launching NFTs
  • Aspired – Fastest Blockchain Development Firm
  • LeewayHertz – Best Firm for Building a Custom Blockchain

A Closer Look at the Best Blockchain Development Companies

The best blockchain development companies each have different specialties and capabilities. We’ll take a closer look at the best blockchain development services to help businesses find the right service for them.

1. Consensys – Best Blockchain App Development Company for Ethereum Projects

Consensys is a leading blockchain development firm that specializes in building decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain. The company is responsible for building the Metamask crypto wallet, which has more than 30 million monthly active users and is trusted by institutions around the world.

Consensys web3 project
Consensys can build a huge range of projects, including decentralized finance (DeFi) apps and metaverse games. The company also develops NFTs and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The Consensys team also has experience working with institutions to build global crypto and fiat currency trading platforms on the blockchain. This blockchain development firm has earned a big reputation, so expect a hefty price tag for any project. That said, for companies looking to build complex and durable projects on the Ethereum blockchain, the Consensys development team knows what it’s doing.

2. Unicsoft – Best Blockchain Game Development Company

Unicsoft is another one of the best blockchain development companies and a great choice for companies that want to launch blockchain-based games. The Unicsoft development team understands how to transform a game concept into a decentralized ecosystem complete with a token offering, NFTs, and play-to-earn rewards.

Unicsoft AI and blockchain solutions
The company has partnered with Whimsy Games to enhance the design of its blockchain-based worlds. Together, the companies have more than 100 blockchain games under their belt. Of course, Unicsoft can do much more than just games. The company also has experience building DeFi apps, decentralized crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and NFT marketplaces. Unicsoft also provides end-to-end support to help businesses through the entire process from planning to development to deployment. Companies looking for a do-it-all blockchain development company will find a lot to like about Unicsoft.

3. SoluLab – Top Blockchain Development Firm for Multi-chain Projects

SoluLab is one of the best blockchain development companies for businesses that want to operate across multiple major blockchains. This firm’s development team has experience building on most of the biggest protocols, including Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Cardano, EOS, Avalanche, Solana, Fantom, Near, and more.

Solu Lab web3 solutions provider
That opens up a huge range of possibilities and SoluLab can help customers decide which blockchain is best-suited for their specific project. The company offers a smooth workflow from the initial design discussion through development, feedback, and deployment. Another benefit is that SoluLab has 5 offices spread around the world, so customers can get support anytime of day. Consultations at SoluLab are free, making it easy for companies to talk to the development team and find out what’s possible.

4. Cubix – Best Blockchain Development Company for DeFi Apps

Cubix is a blockchain development company that specializes in building DeFi apps. The company’s team is highly familiar with creating smart contracts, facilitating decentralized payments, and tracking transactions on digital ledgers.

Cubix NFT games development
One of the unique aspects of Cubix is that this is more than just another blockchain development agency. The company has 12+ years of experience in tech consulting and software development, so it’s equally adept at building mobile apps and web apps. Many Cubix clients rely on the company for mobile blockchain-based apps, drawing on developers’ experience with legacy designs. Cubix is also a leader in augmented reality (AR). Relatively few blockchain development companies have made the jump to AR tech, which is expected to be essential for metaverse projects. So, Cubix can be a good option for businesses that want to get ahead of the curve on metaverse development.

5. Labrys – Top Blockchain Firm for Launching NFTs

Labrys is an Australia-based blockchain development firm that focuses on Web3 development and crypto projects. The company’s specialty is in launching new NFT projects with recent experience developing NFT collections for artists, play-to-earn crypto games, and more.

Lab Rys blockchain firm
Labrys also offers development services for smart contracts, new tokens, blockchain integration, or even in-house blockchains for enterprise-scale businesses. This development firm has in-house user experience experts, so clients can rest assured their projects will match the demands of their audiences. The Labrys team is excellent at communication and works flexibly with clients to meet each project’s specific demands. The company also offers blockchain consulting on an as-needed basis, which is a benefit for businesses that need continued support after their project has been fully deployed.

6. Aspired – Fastest Blockchain Development Firm

Aspired offers access to on-demand blockchain developers for a company’s urgent projects. This blockchain development firm offers an incredibly fast turnaround on projects without sacrificing quality, flexibility, or support.

Aspired web3 company
Aspired also stands out for offering a very wide range of blockchain services. The company has multiple teams that specialize in disciplines like DeFi, the internet of things, play-to-earn crypto gaming, and new token creation. Aspired works on a huge variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, Ripple, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Stellar, and Polkadot. Overall, this is an excellent development firm for a wide range of projects and the range of services offered means that companies can scale their projects over time.

7. LeewayHertz – Best Firm for Building a Custom Blockchain

LeewayHertz is a high-end blockchain development firm that works primarily with enterprise-scale businesses. This is the blockchain development company of choice for enterprises that want to build their own custom blockchains, such as for decentralized supply chain management. LeewayHertz currently builds blockchains using Hyperledger, EVM, Solidity, Cosmos, and Substrate.

LeewayHertz blockchain development company
The company offers support from start to finish, plus ongoing consulting services to keep a company’s blockchain running smoothly. The company can also build on existing blockchains, including Ethereum, Stellar, Avalanche, and Tezos. LeewayHertz has more than 50 developers on staff and more than 14 years in business. The company makes customer support a priority and works with clients throughout each stage of the development process.

What are Blockchain Development Agencies?

Blockchain development companies are independent firms that can build blockchain-based applications for any business. If a business wants to build a project on the blockchain but doesn’t have the expertise to do it in-house, they can hire a blockchain development firm to bring the project to life. Blockchain development companies typically have dozens of blockchain software developers on staff. These developers may have specialties ranging from DeFi coins to NFT launches to crypto exchange development. Blockchain development companies usually operate on a subset of public blockchains, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Avalanche. Some companies can also build blockchains from scratch, which can be useful for enterprise-scale businesses that want a blockchain to manage their own operations.

What Services Do Blockchain Development Firms Offer?

Some blockchain development firms will work on any blockchain-related projects. Others specialize in specific types of decentralized apps. Some of the most common services that blockchain development firms offer include:

  • New token or cryptocurrency development
  • NFT launches
  • Play-to-earn crypto game development
  • Crypto wallet design
  • Crypto exchange development
  • Smart contract development
  • NFT marketplace design
  • DeFi app development

Many blockchain development firms also offer consulting services on an as-needed basis. This enables companies that are largely capable of building blockchain-based apps on their own to get help when they need it. It also ensures that companies that rely on a blockchain development firm can get ongoing support for their projects long after deployment. The best blockchain development firms are very good at turning ideas into decentralized apps. However, companies need to approach these firms with a specific project or idea in mind. Blockchain development companies can refine ideas and explain what’s possible, but they won’t create a business strategy from scratch.

How We Rank the Best Blockchain Development Companies

Choosing a blockchain development company is a big decision. Many businesses end up spending tens of thousands of dollars to bring a decentralized project to life. In addition, a successful blockchain app launch is often seen as a reflection on a business itself. With that in mind, here are some of the key factors we consider when choosing the best blockchain development companies.

Services Offered

Most blockchain development companies offer a wide variety of services. Businesses can go to a single company for everything from launching a crypto exchange to building the next hot emerging cryptocurrency. Having a wide variety of services is important for businesses because it gives them options. If a business successfully completes a blockchain project with a company and wants to develop it further, they can do so without having to switch to another development firm. Companies that offer more services are also incentivized to build the right product for a business’s needs as opposed to the product that the development firm specializes in.

Blockchain Options

Most blockchain development firms have experience working across several of the largest blockchains. For example, a single firm may be comfortable building apps on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Tezos, and more. In other cases, firms specialize in just 1 or 2 blockchains. That can be somewhat limiting for businesses, especially if the project a company has in mind is better-suited for a niche blockchain. Enterprise-scale businesses may want the option to build their own custom blockchain for internal operations. Not all blockchain development companies offer this, so it’s important to look around for a firm that does.

Design Process

One of the biggest differences between blockchain development agencies lies in how they approach the design process. Businesses can typically expect a free consultation, but quotes can take very different forms. Some firms offer a rough quote and expected completion date, while others deliver in-depth project proposals complete with mock-ups and milestones. Once design is underway, communication can take different forms. Some development companies stay in close touch with clients, offering them frequent opportunities for review and feedback. Others work to make a lot of headway and deliver a more polished intermediate product for review. Which approach works best depends on how involved a business wants to be in the development process.


Every blockchain development company boasts about its experience, but the truth is that some blockchain companies have bigger portfolios than others. In our reviews, we look for development firms that have worked on well-known projects or with major companies. We also look for development teams where turnover is low and the developers at the firm have a strong understanding of clients’ needs.


Most blockchain development companies offer pricing by quote only. That makes sense since every project is different. However, it can make it hard to compare pricing across development firms. One way to approach this is to ask for a rough estimate of cost during an initial consultation. Businesses may also request quotes or proposals from multiple development firms so that they have pricing and services to compare.

Client Support

The top blockchain development firms take client relationships seriously. That means responding quickly to questions, meeting milestones and deadlines on time, and scheduling meetings proactively to keep projects moving along. Many blockchain firms even have multiple offices around the world so that they can offer support in clients’ preferred time zones.


Blockchain development companies can help businesses build apps on the blockchain and jump into the Web3 economy. These companies offer teams of experienced software developers and expertise in deploying custom decentralized projects. We have provided a range of companies that offer differing services that should fill all needs for both startup and large companies who want to get started in the blockchain or migrate their services from Web2 to Web3.


What companies are developing blockchains?

Some of the top companies that can develop custom blockchains include Aspired, and LeewayHertz. Consensys specializes in building decentralized apps on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Which is the best blockchain development company? Based on our reviews, Consensys and Unicsoft are the top choices but all the firms on our list offer differing services that will appeal to different customers. How do I choose a blockchain development company? When choosing a blockchain development company, it’s important for businesses to match up what they want to build with the design services a firm offers. Businesses should also consider how involved they want to be in the design process and compare quotes from multiple development agencies.

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