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Mark Yusko: Institutions Will Get Comfortable With Crypto

"Institutions today are are quite comfortable with equity investing and building out infrastructure, but they haven't quite got comfortable with crypto yet. But they will," Mark Yusko, co-founder of digital asset manager Morgan Creek Digital, said in this interview in April 2019. According to him, now we need the early majority to come. "We're still [far] away from the masses, but we need leadership from great institutions like Fairfax to break down the walls," he added. "Are the banks gonna come here anytime soon? No, probably not. Right now they feel threatened a little bit," Yusko said, stressing that there's a lot of activity in the market. "We're talking to a very large sovereign wealth fund and we've had four or five meetings with them. I think it'll probably take us four or five more to get them to move, but the fact that they're already talking about it is very exciting," he said.

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