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# Canada

Often perceived as being in the shadow of its powerful southern neighbor, Canada can actually give the US the run for its money when it comes to supporting the cryptocurrency market and promoting its openness. Canada is a home to the Blockchain Research Institute, a think-tank dedicated to studying the impact of blockchain technology on business and society. Similarly, Canada’s Toronto is often seen as the birthplace of Ethereum based on its association with its creator Vitalik Buterin. Two more recent examples cited in the news can be used to demonstrate how Canadian population and the government plan to move ahead with the blockchain adoption. The town of Innisfil in Ontario has announced that its authorities will start accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for property tax payments. In yet another example of Canadian high-level support for similar projects, the blockchain is used to power a decentralized ledger for information tracking which is found at the heart of mobile mesh networking platform aimed at improving connectivity among the Canadian indigenous population.