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Worldcoin is Turning Risky – Why eTukTuk Could Be the Next Big Thing in 2023

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

The euphoria around Worldcoin has taken a wild turn amid the looming threats of regulatory action. Early investors of WLD tokens are flocking to eTukTuk to offset risks and find a new haven for generous ROIs. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at eTukTuk and how it has captured the market’s attention. 

A blockchain project with a social mission 

The blockchain industry should expand beyond DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn products if it hopes to gain mainstream acceptance. eTukTuk is a project that has the potential to change the narrative, promoting sustainability and efficiency in public transportation. 

With our ever-advancing living standards, we have mutilated the planet. Climate change has become an alarming reality in 2023. One of the biggest contributors to climate change is the massive amount of CO2 emissions from vehicles, making it a crucial area where significant improvements can be made.

Yet, tackling this challenge is no simple task.

It’s true that developed nations are adopting green alternatives to combat climate change.  But developing countries struggle to make such a transition due to financial constraints. Despite technological advancements, the majority of people cannot afford electric vehicles. EVs have lower operational costs compared to traditional carbon-intensive vehicles, but they are confined to the rich now.

On the other hand, carbon-intensive vehicles have low initial costs. Most people settle for this benefit in exchange for the long-term expenses that are only going to rise with fuel price hikes. This is especially true in the case of unstable economies, where fuel prices can surge up to 50% in short intervals. Driving is becoming an expensive ordeal, as a result.

The sadder part is that certain segments of the population can afford eco-friendly transportation in these economies. But they lack the infrastructure required to support a large number of EVs on the roads, hindering the gradual phase-out of carbon-intensive vehicles.

To better understand the scale of the challenge ahead, approximately 270 million ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) TukTuks are currently in operation worldwide, and this number is projected to reach 400 million by 2050. Whether the carbon is emitted in a developed or developing nation, billions of people worldwide are affected by toxic air pollution. It is a global problem.

Enters eTukTuk – eco-friendly public transportation system  for developing economies

eTukTuks, as the name implies, are practical and dependable alternatives to traditional carbon-intensive TukTuks. They are tailored to seamlessly integrate into developing regions with safety and sustainability at the core. They boast a patented roll cage design and are locally manufactured.

However, the eTukTuk network is more than just EVs – it is a comprehensive ecosystem with various components.

At the heart of it is the EV Charging Stations, designed to be accessible, compact, and future-proof. Collaborating with Territory Partners, eTukTuk ensures the management of these charging stations, establishing a sustainable charging network while offering attractive rewards to partners.

The network allows business owners to gain the power to make sustainable choices for their establishments and consumers alike. Early movers have significant advantages as the eTukTuk network expands. For instance, TUK token holders can stake their assets, thereby empowering the network and earning attractive rewards. eTukTuk also extends support to communities situated on the economic and social fringes by enhancing their livelihood. 

A simple and sustainable model

Here is a brief look at how it works:

TUK Token Transactions: Drivers pay for recharging their vehicles using TUK tokens. It is the primary source of revenue for the network.

Rewards for Stakeholders: Territory Partners and Power Stakers earn rewards in TUK tokens for helping facilitate the transactions. The TUK staking system is secured and autonomous, harnessing the underlying capabilities of the BNB Chain.

Emerging Markets: Emerging markets currently contribute to 63% of the world’s total carbon emissions. In the initial stage in 2023, eTukTuk is targeting Sri Lanka, introducing advanced charging stations and eTukTuk electric vehicles. Sri Lanka has around 1,200,000 traditional ICE TukTuks, with a significant concentration in Colombo. According to a new announcement, eTukTuk is embracing a multi-chain approach to accelerate its mission to bring sustainable transportation solutions to South Asia and Africa.

Cost Savings for Drivers: eTukTuks have remarkably lower operational and maintenance expenses compared to traditional TukTuks. This enables drivers to potentially earn up to 400% more income.

Expanding to Other Regions: As the network grows, eTukTuk will expand its presence to other areas. This can take multiple forms, from introducing EVs on the roads and establishing charging infrastructure to enhancing earning opportunities for drivers and ecosystem supporters in those communities.

Is TUK a good investment now?

TUK token, currently in the token sale whitelisting phase, presents one of the best investment opportunities of 2023. To begin with, the underlying project is ambitious. Over the next few months, eTukTuk will enter into strategic partnerships with local governments and influential industry partners to effectively introduce eTukTuk EVs to the road and establish a strong presence in emerging markets. 

For example, eTukTuk has joined forces with Capital Maharaja Group (CMG), a prominent privately-held conglomerate in Sri Lanka that boasts a diverse portfolio and over 44 global partnerships. In the coming months, the network of partners will expand to more brands, governments, and celebrities, bringing the token to the mainstream. 

Strategic investors are buying the token in the early stages to take advantage of the upcoming surge that could amount to a potential 6000-8500% ROI in a few months.  


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.