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What Is BlastUP Launchpad And How Is It Changing The Game For New Crypto Launches

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

What is BlastUp Launchpad

With its focus on a community-centric approach to giving crypto startups a path toward growth, BlastUP has emerged as the first launchpad on the Blast network.

Lending Web3 teams a unique way to raise funds in an eco-friendly and safe environment, BlastUP is sticking strictly to its “Grow Faster, Earn More” ethos.

As the first Ethereum L2 protocol offering native yields for ETH and stablecoins, Blast has set records by becoming the fastest to reach a TVL of 1 billion in 35 days.

Inclusive, decentralized, and innovative, BlastUP is carving its own niche within the crypto launchpad sector.

Furthermore, the platform has also made its governance reports public, steadfastly adhering to its core values of transparency and making strategic decisions that always consider investor feedback.

These benefits have fuelled BlastUP’s ongoing presale of its $BLP tokens, which have recently surpassed the $5 million mark. As more milestones are achieved, more of the project’s upsides are revealed.

This article explores the inclusive measures BlastUP takes to redefine crypto launches so that all crypto startups can get their project off the ground quickly and early movers can find the best project to invest in.

Current IDO Ecosystem Makes it Difficult for Investors to Find the Right Project

Crypto IDO projects have always put the project’s owners first and participants second. Creating an aura of opaqueness, this approach gatekeeps the project’s essential details from the investors.

Finding the Best IDO Project

With IDO investors not knowing what is happening behind the scenes, rug pulls are becoming increasingly common. Even early participants are often left holding the bag when these developers quickly cash out from the listing pumps during the token generation events.

Furthermore, because IDOs are extremely affordable, crypto whales dominate them during the early stages, depriving small-scale investors of the opportunity to become early movers.

Lack of Experience Stymies the Visibility of Worthy Projects on the Crypto Market

On the developer’s side of the spectrum, the issues are pronounced because they lack the experience and foresight to create consolidated measures to give the project long-term sustainability.

Their lack of experience raising initial funds often halts the project before it takes off. Even if it does, there are often no safeguards from whales who dump the tokens after the token generation event, completely diminishing any long-term prospects of the project.

Marketing and community engagement issues are also common, especially when the same vernacular is being used to highlight every project.

BlastUP understands these shortcomings and offers a blockchain-powered guiding hand to show developers and investors the way. It curbs the complexities when it comes to understanding the project and acts on its principles of transparency and decentralization to formulate solutions so that:

  1. Innovative crypto projects have no issue taking off
  2. Presale investors have no problem finding a high-potential IDO

Grow Faster and Earn More – The BlastUP Approach 

The mantra of “grow faster, earn more” is not just a simple adage used to define BlastUP ethos. It is a strategic principle designed to benefit both crypto developers and investors.

BlastUp Launchpad

Crypto developers can participate in BlastUP’s accelerator programs, which manage various aspects of a crypto launch, including the definition of the project’s tokenomics.

BlastUP consolidates a team that ensures that a project’s tokenomics affirms its transparent ethos while focusing on the principle of decentralization.

Proper documentation when it comes to designing whitepapers and effective marketing campaigns are also among its goals.

This has been made evident by the arrival of CYBRO, a one-stop shop for crypto lending, staking, and farming.

BlastUP is standing front and center to streamline the startup’s growth, which will allow more innovative blockchain projects to approach this L2 ecosystem for their launch soon.

Furthermore, to help investors find the right project to invest in, it establishes a robust screening process. Before any projects hosted on BlastUP make their way to the public, they undergo multiple rounds of analysis to determine the quality of the project and its long-term prospects.

BlastUP Raises More than $5 Million During Presale

Gaining renown as the facilitator of crypto launches has transformed BlastUP into an investor magnet, with early-moving opportunity seekers flocking to invest in $BLP during the ongoing presale.

At press time, the project has raised over $5.5 million by selling upwards of 105 million BLP tokens.


Featuring 10 stages, the BlastUP presale appreciates the price of BLP tokens by 8% at each stage, offering the earliest movers the opportunity to make 80% returns before the token goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Investors can buy BlastUP tokens using one of three blockchains—Ethereum, Polygon Network, or BNB Smart Chain. Fiat holders can use their Debit or Credit card to make the purchase. This is another inclusive measure by BlastUP to give BLP maximum exposure.

Owning BLP also comes with staking perks. The project’s whitepaper shows that BLP holders will earn staking rewards by using the platform’s seed staking feature. Holders can also participate in a community incentives program, in which the quantity and quality of engagement with the BlastUP network come with additional BLP rewards.


With its inclusive features that give crypto startups a solid footing for launching their project and investors a robust suite of tools to find the best early moving opportunities, BlastUP is poised to blast past its presale target earlier than expected.

Also, the project has raised more than $5.5 million already in its ongoing presale, and by achieving $1 billion TVL within 35 days, BlastUP has established itself as a strong contender for becoming the next big crypto.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.