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What Is the Crypto Infinite Money Glitch?

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


Crypto has taken the world by storm, and traders constantly look for new ways to earn money. Some investors aren’t satisfied with their general trading volume. Instead, they look for loopholes to make them a bigger profit with a quick crypto cash out. One such glitch circling the internet is the Crypto Infinite Money Glitch.

But what exactly is this infinite money crypto glitch? How does it work? Is it a legitimate method of earning a profit from your digital assets or a scam? That’s precisely what we’re about to unravel on this page. We’ll take an in-depth look at the crypto glitch and its workings. Let’s get right to it!

Understanding the Crypto Infinite Money Glitch

Several YouTubers and Reddit users have claimed that an Infinite Money Glitch has helped them earn money through crypto trading. One YouTuber by the handle Andrei Jikh discussed the possibility of making money by reselling NFTs. Another content creator from the channel Investing with Ru claimed that most new crypto coins on Coinbase peak by almost 100% in the first few days of their release. Investing and cashing out crypto profits in the first few days could potentially earn you a profit.

On the other hand, Reddit users explain how you can take advantage of crypto exchange rates to earn a profit. For instance, Crypto Exchange 1 is selling Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 10000 dollars. Crypto Exchange 2 is selling it for 15000 dollars. Knowing that, the buyer would purchase it in Cрypto Еxchange 1 and sell crypto in Crypto Exchange 2. In the end, they would be pocketing the 5000 dollar difference. They are then one crypto cash out away from being $5000 ahead. Traders can continue this process infinitely, sell Bitcoin, and cash out crypto every time, earning a profit. In theory.

Does It Work?

There is a problem with this so-called glitch and the other infinite money loopholes YouTubers present. To start, the crypto glitch in Andrei Jikh’s video was addressed and fixed promptly. To use Investing with Ru’s trick, you need to predict which coins will be released. This is quite challenging even for financial experts. Finally, the problem with the last crypto glitch we presented is that it works well in theory, but not in practice.

First, there isn’t always a price difference between crypto exchanges because the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates constantly. Secondly, crypto exchanges have policies prohibiting this kind of trading, adding trading restrictions and transaction fees, that reduce your gains. Lastly, some exchanges also charge high fees upon crypto cash out. That way they limit the number of times you can convert Bitcoin or another crypto into fiat currency.

Is the Crypto Infinite Money Glitch a Scam?


To put it simply, yes. Unfortunately, many fake crypto exchanges claim they allow traders to buy and sell crypto with an improved exchange rate and price. They mainly prey on traders’ desire to earn money quickly. In fact, most scammers use social media, YouTube and forums to spread these seemingly prosperous glitches and lure traders into their traps.

In some cases, scammers even go as far as creating fake crypto exchanges or peer-to-peer platforms to spread false opportunities. They promise untold riches if you use their “crypto infinite money glitch.” However, they often demand payment upfront to cover the costs of transaction fees and commissions.

We hate to burst your bubble, but there’s no such thing as an infinite money crypto glitch. Any money paid to fraudsters is lost, and trades made via this strategy will likely incur substantial losses.

Legitimate Ways to Profit From Trading Cryptocurrencies


Luckily, even though the Infinite Money Glitch is a scam, there are still legitimate ways to convert crypto trading into a lucrative opportunity. 

  1. HODLing: Hodling involves buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and keeping them for a long time, hoping their value will increase.
  2. Day Trading: Traders buy and sell crypto within a day to make a small profit, then cash out crypto and turn it into fiat currency. Specifically, day trading requires monitoring essential data like a coin’s market cap market fluctuations, and other methods to ensure you can benefit from the asset.
  3. Mining: It consists of using your phone or computer power to mine coins from the circulating supply and earning new crypto units. It takes a lot of energy to mine the circulating supply of a coin. Therefore, many traders turn to geomining instead.
  4. Staking: As an investor, you can receive rewards for holding on to crypto (or other financial products) to verify transactions on a blockchain network and earn rewards.
  5. Peer to Peer Selling: A peer to peer exchange is a great way to convert crypto to cash on your own terms. You can put up an offer for your crypto and skip transfer fees, which normally eat away from your profit. Peer to peer platforms let you find a buyer, and it’s a popular option to save money and earn more than usual.

Platforms for Buying, Selling and Crypto Cash Out

With all this in mind, what trusty options do you have for buying and crypto cash out? To answer this question, we have selected a few popular choices for you to consider.

Crypto Brokers

A third-party broker acts as mediaries between buyers and sellers in financial markets. In the context of cryptocurrencies, a third-party broker can help you buy, sell, or help with your crypto cash out. You will find digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They provide various services, including data and insights to help you make informed investment decisions, faster transactions, and market insight. We recommend platforms like Immediate Connect if you want to pair with a crypto broker. The advantages are numerous but the main one is guidance through your crypto journey.

Crypto Exchanges

A crypto exchange is an online platform that allows users to buy, sell, and cash out crypto. You can easily convert Bitcoin into a cash balance. They often offer a range of services, such as crypto cash out into a debit card, fast and secure transactions, and market cap info, all from the same account. If you are looking to turn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into cash, we recommend Binance. These trusty options can help you buy and sell crypto with ease.

Final Thoughts

All in all, while the Crypto Infinite Money Glitch isn’t a legitimate way to make a profit, there are tons of other ways you can make investing profitable. This includes buying, HODLing, day trading, peer to peer trading, staking, and more. As you navigate through the vast internet jungle, remember to stay vigilant and be careful whom you trust, as scammers are lurking at every corner!