Weekly Update: Investor Interest Peaks in Celestia and BorroeFinance Amid Continued Market Success


Celestia (TIA) was one of the few tokens with a triple-digit price surge in November 2023. As a result, the token made it to most investors’ lists, and TIA is still on its bullish trajectory. Similarly, savvy investors are rushing to buy BorroeFinance ($ROE) tokens at the tail end of its second presale stage. Keep reading to see expert forecasts and opinions on these tokens.  


TIA Surges Amid Ecosystem Expansion

Recently, Lumoz announced its decision to launch its newly designed stablenet on Celestia Data Availability and Polygon SDK. Lumoz is a Roll-up as a Service platform that provides second-layer solutions to blockchain developers. By hosting Lumoz on Celestia DA, the stablenet can integrate ETH-based DApps and multiple ups at the click of a button.

Speaking on the partnership, the COO of Lumoz, Alvaro Fernandez, said that Lumoz is the first RaaS to utilize both Polygon SDK and Celestia DA to deliver a single service. In addition, Alvaro said the company plans to offer more RaaS-related services to developers and top DeFi projects. Thanks to this development, TIA recorded a massive price surge in November.

On November 9, TIA traded at $2.14. Less than two weeks later, TIA gained 155.46% and sold for $5.37 on November 22. According to experts, this massive Celestia price surge might result from pump-and-dump activity by crypto whales, meaning TIA may fall to $2.45 in the next few weeks. 

Beginner cryptocurrency investors are better off buying high-potential ROI tokens like $ROE.

Investors Execute Last Minute Purchase as $ROE Approaches Third Presale Stage

Web3 businesses have suffered constant short-term liquidity problems due to the nature of the industry. Banks and Wall Street Organizations only invest in established cryptos like BTC and ETH, leaving the bulk of web3 businesses and new DeFi projects underfunded. To close this gap, BorroeFinance ($ROE) developed a system that allows web3 businesses to raise instant cash by selling future digital earnings.


With BorroeFinance, web3 participants and content creators can get instant funding by selling future subscriptions, royalties, invoices, and other digital income to supportive communities at discounted prices. This new blockchain venture attracted savvy crypto investors in the second half of 2023, which led the platform to raise $1.45 million in its early presale stages.    

$ROE is selling for $0.015 in its second presale stage. This stage is 93.26% complete, and the token will surge to $0.0175 in the third presale stage, gaining 16.7%. According to analysts, $ROE will trade for $0.04 after all presale stages conclude, meaning early $ROE investors will enjoy a 167% ROI in Q2 2024.

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