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Walmart To Create Crypto Shopping Experience and HUH Token Release Play-To-Earn Game Next Month

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

As the cryptocurrency world grows and dips its digital toes into sports arenas and the gaming industry the jump to a grocery shop crypto experience doesn’t seem to be too far away.

In fact, Walmart has recently opened discussions and filed with the Trademark Office and U.S. Patent office in regards to creating their own crypto coins and NFTS … though whether this move into the digital world is a benefit or a large check in the con column for millions of Walmart customers is yet to be seen.

HUH Token, however, a firm crypto holder favourite, will be launching its first Play-To-Earn game next month, and this news is sending shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community.

HUH Token appears to be moving from one technological strength to the next, with the launch of 500 influencers occurring next week and the NFT drop for presale holders taking place on the 31st of January.

Does The Corporate World Belong In The Metaverse?

It’s becoming clear, to the world at large, that crypto technologies like blockchain have further applications than simply hosting currency … they can be experiences, games, pieces of art and, for the corporate world, an addition to their collection of market domination tools.

Walmart appears to be no novice in this area, as they’d like to create virtual experiences, where holders of their yet-to-be-created digital currency will buy pixel-curated representations of what can be bought in store.

On one hand, this form of 'Tron Legacy shopping' could be innovative and on the other, it could be a few more years into the future before the everyday shopper acquires a taste for that kind of shopping experience.

Though the idea is still in the Trademark ether, corporations around the world are adopting a crypto-look on life and with the crypto sphere’s tech breakthroughs in the past years thanks to the metaverse catalyst. It’s then, not shocking why more and more want a slice of that digital pie.

Gaming And Crypto: The Perfect Side Hustle, HUH?

Though no specific details have been released about HUH Token stepping into the Play-To-Earn space, some key factors are worth noting about the Utimeme’s move into the gaming arena.

No.1: The gaming industry is the largest entertainment space in the world, far exceeding the likes of Film and TV. This might be due to the industry’s ability to bring the consumer closer to the product and have them control these worlds. With the crypto sphere entering the Metaverse after the explosive announcement of Facebook becoming Meta and bringing crypto lovers closer than ever before to their digital currency, it’s no wonder Play-To-Earn has taken off and embedded itself with such vigour.

No.2: HUH Token have extensive plans, as noted in their Whitepaper, of bringing HUH Token and HUH holders closer together than other cryptos on the market, and though their Play-To-Earn game is one enormous step in that direction, HUH’s final destination will be MetHUH.

This digital ecosystem space will allow HUH holders to profit from sentimentality, discussion and even sharing images which will begin with HUH Token’s 500 influencers next week. The ethos is to add value to the everyday, something that crypto, especially HUH, does well.

If you’re interested in learning more about HUH Token you can visit the links below, remember, it’s always best to do your research before you buy.