Trader Nets $1.6M on WEN’s 500% Upsurge – Could Galaxy Fox Outperform?

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$WEN is a new meme coin on Solana, generating buzz and significant community interest after 70% of its total supply was airdropped to over one million wallets. A smart investor capitalized on the heightened attention around the meme coin, amassing about $1.60 million profit in 14 hours.

While $WEN may still have more profits to come, analysts believe those who missed out still have a chance with $GFOX’s presale. $GFOX is nearing its retail phase, and the meme coin is expected to have a better upside than $WEN post-presale.

Crypto enthusiasts eyeing similar profits can position themselves by joining the presale now. Galaxy Fox is progressing towards the end of its presale with high hopes of an impressive rally after the presale phase. While $WEN is now trading live, $GFOX has what it takes to catch up and outperform the meme coin when it hits top exchanges.

Galaxy Fox: New Meme Coin With Strong Post-ICO Outlook 

Galaxy Fox is one of the year’s most highly anticipated presale tokens. The memecoin’s expected high returns have generated much hype from crypto enthusiasts as it’s poised for its debut on top exchanges. Galaxy Fox has all the properties of a successful crypto project, increasing investors’ optimism and confidence in the meme coin.

The Ethereum-based meme coin integrates GameFi features into its meme properties. This makes it a hybrid token with multi-functionality. The hybrid nature increases $GFOX’s possibility to thrive and outshine other meme coins, including $WEN. This is because it combines the positive effect of the growing GameFi sector and the fast-recovering meme ecosystem. Galaxy Fox also has NFTs, ensuring adopters can benefit from opportunities in the NFT world.

Its functionality spreads across major crypto sectors. Hence, every top crypto player will find it beneficial in one way or the other. This guarantees $GFOX one thing that’s missing in most meme coins — perpetual relevance. The Galaxy Fox ecosystem will have a classic runner game, adopting P2E mechanics to provide players with financial incentives for good gameplay.

The top performers get rewarded with $GFOX, while every player has the opportunity to collect and trade digital items for real money in the Galaxy Fox marketplace.

There’s also a staking opportunity in the ecosystem. $GFOX holders can increase their holdings’ value and earn rewards by leveraging it. Opportunities abound with $GFOX, and early adopters are best placed to benefit from them.

$GFOX is in its presale stage 7, leaving it with only three stages left. It’s expected to sell the remaining stages out faster and launch on major exchanges like UniSwap soon. Analysts are optimistic about its after-presale surge, as they believe its rally will be one of the year’s top peformers.

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$WEN Yields Big Profits For Savvy Investor 

According to LookOnChain, a top blockchain investigator, a trader spent $125,500 on 20 billion $WEN tokens when it launched. After waiting a while, the smart trader sold over 60% of his holdings for $807,000, pocketing $681,500 in profit. The savvy investor still has about 7+ billion $WEN tokens left in his holdings, which could take his total profit to $1.60 million if he decides to sell.

The patience and identifying the appropriate time to sell gave the investor a remarkable profit. Analysts see it as a glimpse of $WEN’s profitability. The meme coin did an impressive 500% within 24 hours, and the whale was alerted to take advantage of it.

Other investors are now constantly monitoring the meme coin for another similar surge. $WEN aims to overtake other meme coins in the crypto, and it’s doing a good job at it. The meme coin is expected to have run similar to $BONK’s in the previous year. $WEN took a similar approach to $BONK, with the massive community airdrop, and it’s looking to be equally profitable.

However, a look at $WEN’s long-term relevance causes concern. With market players gravitating more towards projects with long-term prospects than short term yields, $GFOX seems the better purchase in the long run. Irrespective, $WEN is still one of the best crypto coins to consider presently.


Meme coins have a positive outlook in the market this year. $WEN has shown a glimpse of this, and $GFOX is expected to do even better, possibly providing some of the highest returns in the altcoin market in the upcoming bull run.

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