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Toncoin Crypto Price Prediction – Will TON Continue to Pump?

Jacob Bury
Last updated: | 2 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Toncoin has been on an absolute rampage whilst the remainder of the crypto markets bleed out against the recent bearish price action of Bitcoin. 

Over the last week Toncoin crypto has surged over 47% in price topping out at roughly $2.90.

Today, Toncoin is trading at roughly $2.45. Will there be more positive price momentum? 

Toncoin Crypto Price Prediction 2022

Layer 1 infrastructure tokens are often known for their wild price action and bullish, Toncoin is one of them. 

According to Coinmarketcap Toncoin is now ranked #22 amongst other cryptocurrencies and is up against Bitcoin by 6.77% on the daily time frame. 

With a market capital of $2.9b it seems Toncoin might be fighting for a top #20 position in the blockchain markets. 

Most of the trading volume has come from centralized exchanges such as OKX, DigiFinex and Huobi – Toncoin is not even listed on Coinbase or Binance yet and we are still seeing extremely bullish price action. 

TON/USDT – Weekly Time Frame.

The chart above reflects that Toncoin had been trading in a symmetrical triangle for quite some weeks prior to the bullish break out we have recently seen. 

Should Toncoin be able to maintain bullish price momentum we might see the price climb up to key Fibonacci target levels between $3.12 and $3.38 though with the bearish sentiment across the crypto markets right now the chance of a correction or retracement is much higher. 

$2.16 serves as a key level of support at the moment and it is imperative that Toncoin can hold this particular support level to avoid negative continuation to the downside. 

It is also worth noting that Toncoin is overbought across the relative strength index on the daily time frame as well as smaller time frames too. Many traders would refrain from buying in on these overbought positions as chasing green candles can often lead to losses. 

Toncoin has a very promising ecosystem and could be a great choice for a diverse crypto portfolio if you are looking to hold until the next crypto bull run.

Toncoin crypto video analysis. 

Toncoin might be a great contribution for a long-term cryptocurrency portfolio, however if you’re looking for more immediate gains you may want to look at some new hot trending crypto presales such as Dash 2 Trade or Calvaria.

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