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This New Crypto Is Shaking up the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry – Time to Buy?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 0 min read

Excitement over C+Charge is currently at fever pitch. The new crypto project is shaking up the electric vehicle industry by offering massive benefits to EV owners. Its native token has garnered over $460,000 in its presale, and now appears to be the right time to invest. 

C+Charge’s Solution to EV Inefficiency 

Over the past few years, the world has seen greater adoption of electric vehicles. These cars are seen as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional vehicles, which can take humans away from dependence on fossil fuels. 

Thanks to companies like Tesla and Rivian, EVs have become household commodities, and traditional carmakers such as Toyota and Mercedes have also switched production to focus more on EV production. Nevertheless, the EV space remains ripe for disruption.

C+Charge aims to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the EV charging space by incorporating the concept of carbon credits. EV owners can use this platform to make simple payments for charging their vehicles while also earning impressive rewards.

Launched in late 2022, C+Charge is developing a robust peer-to-peer payment facility for EV charging stations. Aside from car manufacturers, the project’s team wants to make carbon credit benefits available to the average car owner. Owners of electric vehicles will be given electronic wallets containing the platform’s native token, CCHG, to pay their charge fees and earn free carbon credits for their activities.

C+Charge’s developers noticed that EV charging infrastructure remains highly inefficient. Charging stations are ineffective and unable to meet the demand for their use. To that end, they intend to optimize this infrastructure by offering a simple, private, and quick payment method with the native CCHG token.

Better Utility for Owners

Besides solving all of the issues above, C+Charge is also bringing carbon credits to the EV space. The platform is looking to reward EV owners who charge their vehicles at its stations with carbon credits, which they can trade. 

The objective is to democratize the market for these credits by connecting them with everyday users. And over time, this should encourage even more people to buy EVs and join the green revolution. 

The C+Charge is currently working on an OCPP 2.0-compatible network app. The mobile app will ensure users can track their balances, credit rewards, and charging prices at several stations. 

In addition, the C+Charge app will assist users in performing diagnostics on their vehicles so that they know the parts that need to be repaired and can even order them directly.

The CCHG Token 

As previously stated, the CCHG token is C+Charge’s native asset. This token, which operates on the BNB Smart Chain, enables EV owners to charge their vehicles while also gaining access to carbon credits. The token will initially be limited to C+Charge-managed stations, but there should be plans for future expansion.

The CCHG token is deflationary. This means that units of the asset will be removed once they are used for payment. As the number of charging stations increases over time, the digital asset will become more popular and scarcer, increasing its long-term value.

Holders can track their portfolio holdings using the C+Charge’s mobile app, and the platform’s developers have also committed to adding more functionality over time.

CCHG is currently available for presale. The asset has a very impressive outing, with a capital raise of over $460,000. Its presale is still in its early stages, so now is a good time to invest and profit.

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