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The Road to $0.0001: Bitgert Coin’s Potential Unveiled

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

We are currently seeing a move from the Bitgert coin that could take it past the $0.0001 level in just a few weeks from now. The price movement has been of huge interest to many crypto traders and speculators for some weeks now because of its record, especially in the last 3 weeks with repeated retests of its past highs. But, let’s take a closer look at this recent discovery to get close to the Bitgert project, taking the crypto market by storm in the last weeks.

A first step approach will be to get closer to the Bitgert coin price to understand what has been the driver for some weeks now. The community of traders engaging the coin across crypto exchanges has been growing lately. This is because many crypto traders now see the opportunity in the coin that allows them to trade faster without incurring high gas fees. 

Let’s see some of the Bitgert BRISE features closer for better predictions of the Bitgert coin’s next course of action.

Transaction Speed That Breaks The Market Limit

To say it how it is, Bitgert BRISE has a transaction speed that is better than Ethereum and all other altcoins. This might sound new to you, but those who have been using Bitgert for some weeks now already know this as a fact. The Bitgert coin is built on the PoA consensus mechanism that is unique and currently allows a lot of innovation with it. One application of this mechanism on Bitgert that is currently standing out better is that it allows for fast transaction validation. 

The Bitgert Coin is currently running at a speed of 100,000 transactions per second which is breaking all limits. A transaction speed topping 100,000 transactions in a second could validate thousands of transactions in just a split second. This speed will allow more crypto projects to adopt the Bitgert coin to make their transaction faster too.

With Bitgert, Transactions Are Not Just Fast, They Are Cheaper Too

Transactions with the Bitgert coin are currently standing as the cheapest transaction on the blockchain. It has a transaction fee that’s very much closer to zero, or let’s just say an absolute zero transaction fee. This is making many investors take Bitgert up as an investment choice. This is because trading is not just cheaper, it is becoming easier to handle. 

As this growing interest continues, the price has also continued to climb higher every week. We are seeing more potential for Bitgert to cross all the old highs towards $0.0001. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this huge milestone coming. But one thing looking more likely is that we won’t be crossing the finger for long before we see Bitgert hitting the $0.0001 level.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.