12 Oct 2021 · 2 min read

The One Of A Kind NFT Marketplace

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

StoneAge is a platform where Stones, or known as GeStone (GES) are deemed as the main mode of transaction within the ecosystem. GeStone (GES) can be used in the marketplace as a mode of currency, as NFTs, as auction bids, as creator’s fee, as well as games! GES is also widely accepted within other stores using the Binance Smart Chain Technology. Behold, the StoneAge and GES.

Now, we are certain that you’re curious to find out about GeStone (GES) Tokenomics!

Let us fill you in with the details!

GeStone (GES) has a total supply of 950,000,000

With an extensive and well-calculated allocation method as laid out below:

  • Mining 53% — 503,500,000 GES
  • Public Sales 15% — 142,500,000 GES
  • Partnership & Marketing 10% — 95,000,000 GES
  • Vault Staking 10% — 95,000,000 GES
  • NFT & Game Development 10% — 95,000,000 GES
  • Liquidity Management 2% — 19,000,000 GES

We have an extended elaboration on how each of the allocations is allocated as per the above-mentioned and why every component needs that certain percentage. 

Quickly head to our GitBook to find out more: 


What about a sneak peek of our NFT Marketplace RIGHT NOW?

Stone Age NFT Marketplace is the so-called A-Z NFT Platform.

Why? This is because other than NFT transactions, users are allowed to mint their own NFT! It’s so simple that it only takes a few clicks to become a NFT Creator.

Here comes the BIG news about Stone Age NFT Marketplace! 

We are launching our Public Sale which is known as the Initial Stone Offering (ISO) on 15 October 2021 UTC 1200!

So how should you participate in the ISO?

Quickly head to www.stoneagenft.com right now!

What must you know about our ISO? 

Users are allowed to spend GEG or BUSD to purchase GES with each GES priced at USD 0.008. And there is a minimum and maximum purchase applied on our ISO. Minimum purchase limit is implemented to prevent bots while Maximum limit is to prevent whales.

Start Date : 15 October 2021 UTC 1200

End Date : 20October 2021 UTC 1159

Min Purchase: 12,500 GES

Max Purchase: 125,000 GES

47,500,000 GES will be collected with BUSD from the Initial Stone Offering (ISO) and all the collected funds will be dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable, rapid innovation, future incentives, and other products in the StoneAge.

Whereas, 47,500,000 GES will be collected with GEG and all of the proceeds here will be fully destructed to sustain the GemStone Finance (GeFi) ecosystem.

Note: Remember to prepare BNB for gas fees. Once you have made your purchase, please do not worry if you don’t see any GES in your wallet because GES will be distributed upon the official launching of StoneAge NFT Marketplace.

What should you expect from us after ISO?

We will be listed on ApeSwap and that’s where you can get more GES!

Last but not least, the Stone Age NFT Marketplace will be launched on 22 October 2021.

Time to prepare your arts to be listed on our NFT Marketplace!