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Tamadoge Rare NFTs Go On Sale as New Exchange Listing Approaches – TAMA to the Moon?

Jay Leonard
Last updated: | 2 min read
Tamadoge Rare NFTs
Tamadoge Rare NFTs (

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Popular cryptocurrency project Tamadoge (TAMA) has officially launched its collection of 1,000 rare Tamadoge NFTs boasting increased stats and unique artwork. To add to the hype, Tamadoge is expected to list on the CoinW exchange on October 20th. With both of these events taking place around the same time, we could see some explosive growth from TAMA over the coming days, 

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn (P2E) meme coin with huge potential for growth. The project was originally launched as a presale and quickly garnered popularity among investors, selling out its $19 million presale far ahead of estimates.

Tamadoge Splash
Tamadoge Splash (

Tamadoge allows players to explore a virtual world known as the Tamaverse while raising NFT-based Tamadoge pets. Whenever a player ranks up their pet using items from the in-game store, they earn Dogepoints. The more Dogepoints a player has, the better their rank on the Tamadoge leaderboard, and the larger the share of the rewards pool they are entitled to. 

After selling out its presale and raising millions of dollars, Tamadoge went on to list on the OKX exchange. Following this, the TAMA token quickly increased in value, hitting $0.197 at its peak, far above its $0.03 listing price.

Now, the Tamadoge team has just announced that the asset will be listed on the CoinW exchange on October 20th at 12pm UTC. This event could be huge for TAMA. The last major exchange listing helped boost TAMA’s price by over 500%, so it’s no surprise that some investors are speculating that this new listing could send TAMA soaring. 

The Tamadoge Rare NFT Collection

Recently, Tamadoge launched a collection of 100 ultra-rare pet NFTs. They were sold in an auction OpenSea, with many of them now being listed for multiple times their purchase price. On October 17th, Tamadoge launched its second collection consisting of 1,000 rare NFTs.

While these exclusive rare NFTs feature boosted stats compared to the common collection, the ultra-rare collection still contains the most impressive stats. Each rare NFT will be sold in a Dutch auction with prices starting at 5 ETH and slowly decreasing until the auction finishes on Wednesday, the 19th of October, at 3 pm UTC. 

With the conclusion of the rare NFT auction taking place just one day prior to TAMA getting listed on CoinW, we could see the token go absolutely parabolic over the coming days. If TAMA’s previous OKX listing is anything to go by, Tamadoge investors could find themselves in a very fortunate position soon. Check out the project today to get involved before the next big event. 

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