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Tamadoge Latest NFT Drop Is Causing a Frenzy – How to Buy?

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This week, another collection of Tamadoge non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was made available for purchase. The NFTs, like other previously released collections, are anticipated to be in high demand.

NFT Collection Launches Boost Tamadoge Prospects

Following the listing of TAMA on centralized exchanges, Tamadoge developers have maintained the platform’s pre-launch buzz. Part of this marketing push is the introduction of NFT collections for its gaming ecosystem. 

Tamadoge’s NFT release began with the launch of Ultra-Rare NFTs, which give their represented pets heightened speed and strength. 

This week, the game developers released a collection of Common NFTs. These tokens are more common, meaning they don’t have the special traits that the Ultra-Rare or Rare NFTs have. 

Nonetheless, the Common NFTs are still valuable in the Tamadoge ecosystem. There are 20,000 tokens in this collection, each with a floor price of 0.2 ETH. 

Holders of Tamadoge NFTs will be airdropped puppy versions of the digital pets once the Tamadoge game is released. Although the rare and ultra-rare collections featured stats that could help the game progress faster, the common NFTs will still offer access to the Tamaverse – Tamadoge’s metaverse platform. So, they are still valuable.

Future Development Plans Boost Tamadoge & TAMA

Currently, the Tamadoge developers are in the final stages before the platform fully launches. So most of their activities appear tied to marketing campaigns. 

Regardless, there is much to look out for before the year ends. The Tamadoge gaming ecosystem is expected to launch fully, allowing players to finally enjoy the game and use the NFTs they have purchased. 

Tamadoge will also launch the Tamaverse in the future. Tamaverse, a metaverse platform, will allow players to mint and sell their NFTs within the gaming ecosystem.

Buy TAMA on DEX 

How to Buy Tamadoge NFTs

Interested investors can purchase Tamadoge NFTs via OpenSea, one of the best NFT marketplaces. To do so, follow these steps: 

Head to OpenSea 

Visit the collection on OpenSea. Investors can log in with their account details if they’re returning users or sign up if they’re first-time collectors. 

Connect Your Wallet

Investors will need to connect their crypto wallets to OpenSea. Tamadoge’s NFTs are built on Ethereum, so we recommend an Ethereum-compatible wallet like MetaMask. 

Purchase Your NFT

Once connected, investors can click “Add to cart” on their chosen NFT’s page. Remember to fund the wallet with enough ETH to complete the purchase. 

A request will be sent to the wallet directly. Approve the purchase, and the NFT will immediately be transferred to the wallet.