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Tamadoge Games Arcade Beta Sets Crypto Community on Fire – ‘Super Fun, Really Addictive’

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Utility-packed meme coin Tamadoge this week launched its games arcade in beta and the community is lapping it up. 

The play-to-earn metaverse games platform marries Tamagotchi-like fun with blockchain tech in an enjoyable and rewarding way.

Right now there are three games available to play in the Tamadoge Arcade: To the Moon, Rocket Doge and Super Doge. Two more games will be added soon..

With this initial product offering, Tamadoge has thrown down the gauntlet to competitors such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and the likes of recent new-entrant Bonk, by delivering on its vision of bringing real utility and value to the meme coin space.

Tamadoge price to revisit all-time high?

In October last year Tamadoge became a top three meme coin with daily trading volumes in excess of $57 million. 

Its TAMA token registered an all-time high on the 4th October 2022, reaching $0.173. 

Crypto watchers predict the Tamadoge price is likely to surpass those heights on the back of product development and real-world adoption.

Testing has started at a blistering pace, if the sign-ups from the community is anything to go by.

In the first 15 hours of the beta testing the Tamadoge Arcade beta testers have racked up over 150 hours of gameplay. 

With over 6,000 retries, the arcade games are already proving themselves to be highly addictive among beta testers.

So far the most popular game is Super Doge.

Community response has been off the charts – here’s a flavor

Tamadoge turns play-to-earn on its head with games that are actually fun to play 

Play-to-earn is not enabled during the beta, but testers can earn from the Tamadoge Bug Bounty.

The Bug Bounty rewards beta testers for finding bugs and glitches in the games. Users who report a bug, glitch or vulnerability will be rewarded in $TAMA!

  • Game bugs will be rewarded with 1,000 $TAMA
  • Game breaking bugs and cheats will be rewarded with 10,000 $TAMA

The beta testing will be available for a minimum of five days, and may be extended, depending on community feedback.

Beta testers will be given 10,000 Tamadoge Arcade credits to test the games.

Although the Tamadoge common, rare and ultra-rare NFTs are not required to play the beta version of the games, the team positively encourages testers to use them. 

The Tamadoge NFTs directly impact game mechanics, awarding various skill boosts to gameplay depending on which NFT players equip.

Tamadoge at the start of its mission to win over the mass market of casual gamers

In the full version of the Tamadoge ecosystem players will earn Dogepoints as they climb the leaderboards and receive TAMA as a reward.

Also, players will be able to purchase food and clothes from the Tamadoge Pet Store in which a burn of 5% applicable on all purchases, making Tamadoge a deflationary asset.

The Pet Store provides a revenue stream for the rewards distributed to players and for product development and marketing.

In the first quarter of 2023 the team will be moving ahead with sealing partnerships with other metaverse projects.

Later this year the augmented reality app will be released. It will allow players to interact with their pet in the real world. 

The app will also mean players can easily monitor their pets’ progress (you can have more than one pet!), from Tamadoge puppy to adulthood, with the ever-watchful and nurturing assistance of the owner.

Tamadoge leads the pack of a new breed of meme coins with real utility – listed on 15 CEXs

Tamadoge is one of a new breed of meme coins that is barking for your attention.

The token is listed on 15 centralized exchanges (CEXs) as well as the Uniswap decentralized exchange. 

TAMA can be bought on top 10 crypto exchange OKX. Other leading trading venues where you can find TAMA include Gate.io, LBank, MEXC, BitMart and BKEX.

A listing on No.1 crypto trading venue Binance has been applied for by the project.