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Suspected Brazilian Crypto Scam Firm Workers Caught on CCTV on Way to Empty HQ

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read
A metal chain and padlock rest on a Brazilian flag.
Source: Kittyfly/Adobe

“Employees” at Brazilian company at center of crypto scam allegations have been filmed apparently on their way to remove evidence – under the cover of night.

The Brazilian media outlet Livecoins shared a video showing “at least two people” entering the company, Braiscompany. 

The offices have been shuttered by the police as part of an investigation.

The video – taken from CCTV footage – shows a man removing a barrier, allowing the driver of a pickup truck to enter the Braiscompany premises in São Paulo. 

The time on the video shows that the individuals entered the premises on March 26 at almost 9pm.

The media outlet explained that the individuals then proceeded to “remove items” from the building, adding that the offices had now been totally emptied. 

The report suggested that the individuals’ apparent familiarity with the site would indicate that they were employees.

Braiscompany’s operations went nationwide as operators promised investors “fixed income” in “the cryptocurrency market.” 

A couple named Antônio and Fabrícia Ais were its apparent masterminds, the media outlet noted. 

But in late 2022, a number of investors began to complain that they could not withdraw their funds from the firm’s platform. 

Many of the “brokers” have defended Braiscompany, insisting that reports it is a scam are wide of the mark.

However, the media outlet wrote:

“With the closure of the firm’s headquarters, everything appears to indicate that its business is over for good.”

Brazilian ‘Crypto Scam’ Firm – What Do We Know?

Critics claim that the firm is a front for a “financial pyramid,” while a number of legal cases have been launched from clients looking to recoup their funds.

But the media outlet said it had evidence that the company is “continuing to vacate the properties it used.”

The Department of Federal Police had reportedly “sealed the property,” but “everything indicates that it is now empty,” Livecoins wrote.

The firm launched in 2019, and claimed its business was based on the supposed “lease” of cryptoassets – with “members” receiving fixed monthly payouts.

But warning signs began to appear when it was indirectly implicated in a 2020 fraud investigation.

More severe issues reportedly began in November 2022, when Braiscompany “started delaying customer withdrawals for the first time.”

Withdrawal-related issues intensified in December. And by January 2023, “none of the company’s customers were able to receive their fixed monthly payouts.”

The police launched a major probe into the firm in February, but its “main leaders” remain at large.

Earlier this month, police cracked down on a suspected crypto-powered sexual extortion ring.