$SMOG Comes Soaring Onto Centralized Exchanges With New Airdrop

Tim Hakki
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$SMOG is releasing his treasure in Solana's hottest new airdrop

An incendiary new Solana meme coin called $SMOG is landing on a centralized exchange (CEX) “very soon” as the first season of its airdrop concludes, according to the token’s progenitors’ latest announcement on social media. 

The SMOG team promises the listing will be a landmark event. The announcement urges #Dragons (the pet name for denizens of $SMOG’s army) to “get ready for the first $SMOG Exchange Listing coming very soon.” 

While details about the listing are scarce, rumors suggest it could arrive as early as next week and may be accompanied or followed by a second CEX listing. 

The team also urged $SMOG holders to continue fulfilling their daily quests to earn reward points before the season one airdrop ends in just over six days. The second season airdrop will have a heavier focus on on-chain trading, the announcement says.

$SMOG Takes Off

Due to their tendency to exaggerate price movements in the wider market, meme coins are known for being some of crypto’s most volatile investments. 

When they balloon, they can go virtually to the moon, but on a bad day meme coins can be a sink, draining value quicker than any other class of crypto.

The market is crowded with dog-themed coins. Everywhere investors look, four-legged Shiba Inu lookalikes solicit their money under names like DOGE, SHIB, and FLOKI.  

$SMOG is a fire-breathing dragon. His name is a not-so-hidden reference to Smaug, the fire-breathing guardian of gold in The Hobbit. But unlike Smaug, $SMOG wants to offload his treasure onto you in his upcoming airdrops. 

Over on $SMOG’s chart for the last month, we can see fleeting highs of $0.26 throughout much of February. However, the token is currently retracing at $0.17 as it hovers above a key psychological support before the next leg higher.

Source: TradingView

As $SMOG wrestles with events on the broader market, data by CoinGecko puts the token 330% higher than it was 30 days ago, a clear sign of the surging demand. 

Two narratives will gain traction in crypto over the next two months and affect prices across the market: Bitcoin’s halving and the possibility of an Ethereum ETF

Bitcoin’s halving on Apr 19, 2024 will slash mining rewards in half, causing a supply squeeze as the market has to adjust to the institutional demand created by the launch of eleven spot Bitcoin ETFs back in January. 

Halvings have historically caused Bitcoin rallies, which have gone on to add value to the whole market. 

The following month, the SEC will decide whether to approve or reject Ethereum ETF applications, meaning that market narratives will powerfully supplement $SMOG’s standout meme appeal in the near term. 

Is $SMOG One Solana Airdrop To Rule Them All?

Ethereum has long been the number one blockchain for token creation, but Solana is giving it a very strong reason to watch its back. 

That’s because Solana meme coins have risen in popularity recently, with names like DogWifHat, Bonk, and Slerf posting some eye-watering rallies recently. 

$SMOG launched on the Jupiter decentralized exchange (DEX) on February 7, 2024. Known by its clarion call: “no meme coin can survive the fiery flames of SMOG”, the token encourages community building and engagement through its ambitious airdrop. 

Interested investors wishing to participate in “The Greatest Solana Airdrop of All Time” (according to its makers) campaign, need to fund a Solana-compatible wallet with either SOL, USDT, or BONK, which can then be spent on SMOG via the Jupiter DEX aggregator or Birdeye.

Each $SMOG token grants its holder access to ‘The Dragon’s Court’ crypto community – making their wallets eligible to earn rewards in the airdrop program. 

Users can stake their $SMOG for a vesting period of 90 days to earn rewards, or they can join the community on Zealy to complete daily quests and community tasks that will boost potential airdrop earnings. 

Engage with the community on X (Twitter), Discord, and Telegram so you don’t miss out on any news or updates.

You can read the Litepaper to find out more.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.