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Raoul Pal Says He Is “All In” On Crypto, What This Means For Ethereum (ETH), Gnox (GNOX) And Bitcoin (BTC)

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Macroeconomic guru and co-founder of Real Vision is confident about the future of crypto. And with nearly a million followers on Twitter (at time of writing), when he talks—people listen. While he has a lot of faith in ETH and its future, he also thinks the entire landscape is in a healthy position, despite the slight downturn in recent weeks.

If someone who has already made a fortune is putting his money in crypto, what does this say about the future of the landscape? While no one person has the magic answer… It’s definitely not bad news for those wondering whether they should invest themselves. Especially as Pal already has decades’ worth of experience in finance and investing. This bullish sentiment could indicate now is the time to buy. 

What does Raoul Pal think about the future of cryptocurrencies like ETH and Bitcoin?

As well as liking ETH’s current price as good value and sees it as “outperforming” BTC, he also has strong sentiments about the entire crypto market, including altcoins, mainly because of their strong network adoption models:

“If you believe the future is in the technology, in blockchain technology, then this whole digital asset space should outperform the safe haven. That’s just how things work. It always works that way and therefore, there’s a higher beta.”

Again, more good news for those still bullish in the crypto space.

What does all this mean for GNOX?

While Pal hasn’t cited GNOX specifically, the key benefits that project bring to the crypto space align perfectly with his optimistic view of the future of the industry.

GNOX was created to help both regular and institutional investors benefit from DeFi strategies and is the first crypto project in the world to offer yield farming as a service. What does this mean? Normal people can now hold GNOX and gain regular passive income without having to get involved with managing the process themselves or adjusting for different risk outlooks. That makes it perfect for newcomers to crypto who just want to sit back and earn.

The GNOX protocol creates a unique treasury which is built up over time via a sales tax on every GNOX transaction. This treasury then reinvests funds in a number of different ways. Some of the funds are put into stabilizing the floor price of the protcol, some for marketing and growing GNOX, some is paid out every hour to GNOX holders, while the rest is invested in other stablecoins, crypto projects and NFTs. Profits or gains are then paid out again to GNOX holders every month. So GNOX holders get both a residual income alongside higher potential upsides if the treasury’s investments go big. And while the platform has been designed to democratize crypto investing and help bring it to the masses, including those who don’t have much crypto investing experience—GNOX holders do still get a say. Regular votes will take place which decide how the treasury’s funds are invested and how much “risk” these investments should be liable to.


If Pal’s sentiments on crypto like BTC and ETH as well as a range of altcoins are valid, GNOX is perfectly placed to become the go-to investment platform that brings passive crypto investments to the masses.

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