Pontem Announces AI-powered Crypto Chatbot Following $6 Million Seed Funding Round

Julia Smith
Last updated: | 2 min read

Product development studio Pontem is launching an AI-powered chatbot dubbed Pontem.ai, capable of operating like a “full-scale AI crypto assistant.”

A crypto trader’s best friend

According to a press release from Pontem on Tuesday, the chatbot can answer questions on emerging news and topics throughout the crypto ecosystem while even educating users on how to buy NFTs, use yield farming, stake, and more.

Currently in its beta version, Pontem.ai will require some additional development before it is formally released to the public.

“The basic ChatGPT model doesn’t know what happened in crypto after September 2021, so any AI crypto project requires a lot of additional training,” Said Alejo Pinto, co-founder of Pontem.

“A valuable up-to-date resource for the industry”

Pontem’s chatbot will eventually possess the capability for image generation, allowing users “to display a price chart or other technical indicator for a specific coin on the timeframe they need.”

The product development studio states that Pontem.ai “has a wider set of features than the few other crypto chatbots currently in the market” as a majority “limit information that can be asked to their own product or ecosystem.”

“We’re using a mix of curated data that includes Pontem’s own content, on-chain data, content by Aptos Foundation, and top blockchain projects that cover Move, Ethereum DeFi, and more,” Pinto continued. “By continuously testing the model through feeding it new data loops, we feel we have created a valuable up-to-date resource for the industry.”

Pontem completes successful seed round

This past week, Pontem announced that it had raised $6 million in its latest funding round, with investors such as Wintermute, Kraken Ventures, Lightspeed Faction, Pantera Capital, Aptos Foundation, Shima Capital, and more contributing.

“Pantera is excited to be investing into Pontem and help fuel the Move and Aptos ecosystem,” Managing Partner at Pantera Capital, Paul Veradittakit, said. “We believe the team has been doing a tremendous job of building the necessary financial and technical infrastructure to bring consumers and developers to the decentralized web.”

A press release from Pontem claimed the latest funding round “will help us keep building pioneering products with Move and Move VM – both for the Aptos ecosystem and beyond.”Meanwhile, Pontem plans to integrate the chatbot with its other inventions, Liquidswap AMM and Pontem wallet, in order to create a “more intuitive user experience of on-chain trading and analysis.”

Presently, Pontem.ai is compatible with MetaMask, Facebook & Twitter, Gmail, and all major Aptos wallets.

A formal release date for Pontem.ai has yet to be announced.