Polygon Nears All-Time High With Significant Jump; Flare Stuns With Impressive Rally; InQubeta Enters Presale Stage 8 After Soaring Past $10.4M

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The bulls are living their fantasy as the crypto market took an upturn this week. Bitcoin (BTC) hit $57,000, and altcoins aren’t left out of the fun, as Polygon (MATIC) nears its all-time high and Flare (FLR) wows with its remarkable rally.

This market upswing adds to the excitement around the Starknet, DYM, and Pixels airdrops—the biggest in 2024 yet.

With confidence through the roof, InQubeta (QUBE) is an emerging crypto that has captured investors’ interest. After blasting through $10.4 million in fundraising, the presale entered the eighth stage, with holders anticipating its explosive launch.

InQubeta (QUBE): Impressive Presale Continues

InQubeta (QUBE) has been charting a bullish course, leaving most of the new ICOs in its wake. It recently soared past $10.4 million in early funding, pushing it to the eighth stage of the ICO and inching closer to its explosive launch.

A token costs only $0.0245 in the current ICO stage and is tipped for a 65x upswing after launch. This explains—although partly—the massive investor participation in the ongoing presale. Hence, if you seek the best new crypto to invest in, InQubeta represents a top choice.

In addition to its staggering upside potential, another key appeal is its innovative concept. It stands at the intersection of AI and blockchain and aims to solve critical issues within the burgeoning AI sector. Despite being one of the fastest-growing industries, fundraising has been identified as a key challenge, which it seeks to address.

It will build the world’s first crowdfunding platform, which will allow AI tech startups to source capital through cryptocurrency—the QUBE token. Startups can raise funds by creating investment opportunities, which will be represented as equity-based NFTs and offered to investors on the marketplace.

Polygon (MATIC): Nearing its ATH

Among the top altcoins on the market, Polygon (MATIC) plays a key role. It is a leading layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum and one of the most sought-after L2s. Thanks to its rising adoption, it has been growing at a fast pace.

It is enjoying a period of rallying following the rise of the overall market, as well as growing adoption. This upswing sees it inch closer to its all-time high (ATH) of $2.92—a massive bullish wave to ride from its current price. Given its staggering room for growth, Polygon is one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Instead of FOMOing (fear of missing out) later on, you can add Polygon to your portfolio now and HODL. This will allow you to surf its bullish wave and enjoy significant gains along the way.

Flare (FLR): Impressive Uptick

Flare (FLR) is an EVM-based layer 1 blockchain. It aims to make blockchain more useful by giving developers access to data from other chains and the internet. In essence, it allows decentralized applications (dApps) to serve multiple chains through a single deployment.

With the overall crypto market on an upswing, Flare hasn’t been left out of the fun, stunning holders and investors with its significant jump. With further upsides anticipated, FLR is among the best cryptos to invest in.

Remarkably, it is also nearing its ATH. As it prepares to go on a price discovery—after flipping its all-time high—it is a good crypto to buy and HODL in advance. Don’t miss out.


The crypto market is on the rise. Polygon nears its ATH after a significant jump, and Flare impresses with its remarkable run. Meanwhile, in the ICO world, InQubeta has been hailed as a recommended presale, poised to skyrocket after its launch. If you wish to become an early adopter, click the link below.

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