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Play-to-Earn Meme Coin Tamadoge Begins a Major Marketing Push to Secure Top CEX Listings – Staking Launches Today

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 6 min read

Thursday, August 31, 2023 – Web3 play-to-earn (P2E) meme coin gaming platform Tamadoge is launching a major marketing push that will include the promotion of new staking and burn features as the team targets more top exchange listings.

Staking begins today, Thursday, August 31. 

It is a flexible system, meaning staked tokens can be withdrawn at any time, while the annual percentage yield (APY) is variable, depending on the amount of staked tokens. 

A staking pool of two million $TAMA tokens has been set aside to distribute rewards. The pool is split across four months, so that’s 500,000 $TAMA per month (approximately 216,000 block confirmations), equalling 2.3 $TAMA per block confirmation.

In more market-moving news, the first of a series of three special token burn events will begin next week.

Tamadoge’s $TAMA token is currently listed at 12 crypto trading venues, including top-tier centralized exchanges (CEXs) OKX and Bybit. Despite the strong product release track record, which has, if anything, over-delivered on its milestones, the token’s price has not reflected this success. A full-blown marketing campaign aims to change that.

A revamped roadmap takes center stage for the Tamadoge project. Over the coming days and weeks, mystery projects and giveaways will be announced – the first is to be revealed this week. The news follows a stream of game releases from the Web3 gaming project.

However, far from stepping back from gaming user acquisition, that part of the project strategy remains very much intact. Rather, the new marketing campaign is supplementing those efforts with its focus on building brand awareness.

CEO Bishop – after successful game launches, “we are in a great position to launch a big crypto marketing campaign”

Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop said in a recent video message that the gaming ecosystem is now in “a great position to go to phase 2 of the big plan, which is to focus on all things crypto, to launch a big crypto marketing campaign very much focused on the token, the brand that is Tamadoge, and try to really hype for some really big listings – the biggest listings we can get, if possible.”

Bishop, who honed his gaming executive skills as Head of Mobile for Outright Games, a publisher that creates games for massive children’s brands such as PAW Patrol, Bratz, and Peppa Pig, says no expense will be spared in delivering the marketing campaign.

The campaign highlights will include activity on major crypto sites to spread the good news about what Tamadoge has delivered and will continue to deliver.

Major crypto influencers across social media and YouTube will be brought on board to help generate excitement around the brand, which today has one of the most successful gaming brands in the Web3 space. 

Although not settled upon yet, the CEO, in addition to talking about staking and more token burns, has aired the possibility of a big airdrop to cap off the campaign.

On the marketing campaign, Bishops says, “There’s a lot to follow; it’s a long, complicated, and exciting plan. We will be revealing the details as they go.”

While the Tamadoge price is way off its all-time high of $0.1957 to currently trade at $0.0083, the extent of the drawdown means there’s a lot of potential upside because of low resistance.

The team has made it clear from the outset that they would be concentrating on delivering the roadmap of games. Having executed that, with 3D NFTs and its Tamagotchi app up next, the team judges now as the optimum time to start spending big on marketing.

CEO Bishop is a former marketing director at Huobi Global, so he knows what makes CEXs tick and how to get listed

Tamadoge’s CEO knows a thing or two about marketing – and what exchanges are looking for when they select a coin for listing. Bishop was the former Marketing Director at Huobi Global, which, according to CoinGecko, is the third-ranked exchange in the industry.

As the $TAMA token starts to regain visibility, trading interest in the coin will increase. Top 10 exchanges are keen to list coins with substantial trading volume and vibrant communities feeding that trading – Tamadoge aims to be seen by exchanges as a coin that ticks all of those boxes.

Tamadoge brings to the table growing adoption as more players download and start playing and earning, and in so doing, bolster token usage and trading. A virtuous circle is created where adoption encourages token holding, in turn encouraging more buyers as token holders become players of the games. 

And, of course, there will be those who may not play much but want to own a piece of the action in the gaming revolution that Web3 promises, and Tamadoge is delivering. 

All this comes before the excitement that is sure to be generated as the Tamagotchi app launch nears. You can see a peak of the flagship app in the video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by community manager Tom Harper, aka Tama Tom:

Coming soon to the thriving Tamaverse – staking, 3 burns events… and maybe a mega airdrop too?

At the center of the campaign is the new staking utility to reward token holders and users for their loyalty. 

Also, Tamadoge has a burn program live right now, where coins are burned when credits are bought in the Tamadoge Arcade. So the burn events mentioned by the CEO will be in addition to the Tamadoge Arcade burns, providing more value for token holders.

The thriving Tamaverse ecosystem has launched six games on two apps – five games on Tamadoge Arcade and a sixth game called Tamadoge Arena, which has its own app. Both apps are available in the iOS and Android app stores. 

Tamadoge Arena is a single game broken down into four levels. All six games have been well received by the community and continue to attract new players. Tamadoge Arena is mobile-only, while the Tamdoge Arcade games can be played on the web and mobile.

Tamadoge is a chance to buy into the future of gaming

Tamadoge attracts more monthly users than more established Web3 metaverses Decentraland and The Sandbox combined.

In the past 30 days, Decentraland and The Sandbox only interacted with 3,840 and 3,670 unique active wallets, whilst Tamadoge’s monthly user count is now above 15,000 for both apps across web, Android, and iOS.

Some observers think Tamadoge could go well beyond 5% of Dogecoin’s market cap, thanks to the gaming ecosystem’s massive Total Addressable Market (TAM).

As discussed by the Tamadoge team in a blog post, Tamadoge’s ecosystem of games can attract a wide audience of potential players, including crypto fans, casual gamers, and NFT degens (thanks to its NFT component). 

With the mobile games market expected to exceed 2.32 billion users by 2027, according to data reported by Statista, buying $TAMA coin today before the hype really kicks off could be a smart move.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.