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Pepe Price Prediction as PEPE Pumps Up 30% – Are Whales Buying Again?

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 2 min read
Pepe price

The Pepe (PEPE) price pumped up 30% on Monday, with investors flooding back into the meme coin amid a surge in risk-taking activity across cryptocurrency markets as Bitcoin (BTC) retook $54,000 for the first time since early December 2021.

Last changing hands just under $0.0000018, the Pepe price is at its highest levels since July 2023.

PEPE even unsuccessfully attempted to push beyond its summer 2023 highs in the $0.00000188 area.

A 3x surge in daily trading volumes to over $460 million across major crypto exchanges could indicate whale buying.

However, it could just as easily signal a spike in retail trading activity.

Either way, given the strength of the bullish momentum being felt across the crypto market already this week, Pepe price risks remain tilted to the upside.

Pepe Price Prediction – Where Next for PEPE?

Should the Pepe price break convincingly back above resistance in the $0.00000188 area, a run back to record highs is on.

The Pepe Price Could Pump Up Towards All-time highs

That means the potential for upside of as much as 150% from current levels.

That would take Pepe’s market cap back to around $1.8-9 billion.

But since its launch in early 2023, Pepe has marked itself out as one of crypto’s top meme coin brands.

It could feasibly hit a market cap in the region of $10 billion this bull market, meaning potential gains of more than 10x from current levels.

Those would be great gains, but many meme coin speculators are hunting for returns closer to 100x.

As good as its outlook is, Pepe’s market cap is way to bloated to offer returns like this.

Only coins with market caps of less than $100 million stand any real chance of pulling of 100x gains.

One such coin that might deliver big gains is a just-launched meme coin called Frogwifhat (FWIF).

Pepe Alternative to Consider – Frogwifhat (FWIF)

A just-launched meme coin called Frogwifhat (FWIF) could be the next meme coin to 100x.

The token launched on Ethereum earlier on Monday and hit a market cap of as high as $4 million within a few hours.

Investors now have a chance to dip, with the token having pulled back to a price of around $0.0016 and a market cap of subsequently around $1.6 million.

A perusal of the website shows that the coin has been designed to mirror the success of Dogwifcoin, Bonk and Smog, and there are even rumors that the coin’s founders might be the same ones who are behind the other aforementioned meme coin successes.

Prospective buyers need to do their own research but there is much to like about the coin.

For starters, over $300k liquidity has been locked. This is an important consideration for coins that list on DEXs. Locked liquidity means there is zero chance of a rug pull, where the project team steals the funds of token holders.

The fair launch – all 1 billion tokens are available on the open market – follows other coins in that it is an animal with a hat on, but this time it is a Frog Wif a Beret, the beret of course being a staple of French culture.

Check out Frogwifhat no DEXTools Here