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Paraguay Police Raid Unearths 300 Stolen BTC Mining Rigs

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read
A bank of crypto mining rigs making use of PC graphic card units.
Source: Victority/Adobe

Police have recovered 300 Bitcoin (BTC) mining rigs stolen from a farm in Paraguay, following a major operation conducted by the nation’s Anti-Kidnapping Department (DAS).

Per the Brazilian media outlet Portalo do Bitcoin, the operation was carried out after a theft in the Paraguayan province of Alto Paraná in April.

Police at the time explained that 492 BTC miners had been stolen from a farm after its manager was “overpowered” by attackers.

The DAS explained that they raided a commercial property in the town of Presidente Franco this month, adding that they recovered 300 mining rigs from the property, along with cellular devices, firearms, and ammunition.

One man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

The DAS published photographs of their haul.

Stolen Bitcoin mining equipment seized by Paraguayan law enforcers.
Some of the Bitcoin mining equipment seized by the DAS. (Source: DAS)

The remaining 192 mining rigs are still yet to be recovered.

Police said the theft had been carefully orchestrated and saw “about a dozen” hooded individuals attack the Alto Paraná farm before making off with the mining rigs.

Stolen Bitcoin mining rigs seized by Paraguayan law enforcers.
Bitcoin mining rigs seized by the DAS. (Source: DAS)

The DAS claimed that the mining rigs had been connected to power outlets and the internet.

All 300 rigs were in “full operation,” the officers explained.

The DAS immediately proceeded to disconnect and confiscate the mining rigs.

A man whose face has been disguised stands handcuffed next to a Paraguayan law enforcement officer.
A man was arrested by the DAS. (Source: DAS)

The DAS stated that the man had been handed over to prosecutors.

Paraguay: A Draw for Bitcoin Miners?

Paraguay has become something of a crypto and BTC mining hotspot in recent years.

The nation’s surplus of hydroelectric power has attracted many miners in the past few years, particularly Asian pools looking to relocate from China.

Politicians in the nation have been trying to open the door to miners since 2021, but have faced opposition from the nation’s President.