13 Sep 2022 · 3 min read

NFTuesday’s Are Coming To Los Angeles

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of Cryptonews.com editorial content.

A mass of Web 2 entities are becoming hip to the vast marketing opportunities that Web 3 has to offer. By the coat tails of such notables as Tom Brady, Time Magazine, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ticketmaster- more and more people are leaving behind their former ‘NFT’s are expensive JPEGs’ stigma, and finally understand the revolutionary smart contract technology behind it.

For entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at Loyola Law School, Charles Lew, now was the time to integrate NFTuesday’s at select restaurants throughout Los Angeles. “JPEG’s, pfp’s with no utility, memberships- I love it all without bias and have been standing behind NFT’s for years. I’m really excited about NFT’s further bridging the gap between brands and their end users, while also giving back to creators in various meaningful ways.” says Lew, owner of Stout Burgers and Beers, and Boomtown Brewery where the anticipated launch sites for NFTuesday’s will take place.

We got on a ZOOM with Charles to learn more about NFTuesday’s and what it means to the Los Angeles hospitality scene.

Q: What is NFTuesday?
A: My brewery is in the DTLA arts district and while I was visiting, walking by our huge Fuzi mural, it dawned on me that our brands have been supporting artists’ physical creations for years and it was time for us to do our part illuminating NFT’s in the same manner. NFTuesday’s take place at Boomtown Brewery and Stout Burgers and Beers locations, allowing NFT holders to get 20% off their meal or discount membership pricing. 

Q: Well, that’s generous. Should we assume the NFT must be a blue-chip collection?
A: What kind of NFT supporter would I be if I said yes? Let’s just say, if the NFT in your wallet went to zero, you need the 20% off more than an ape does; we won’t discriminate. 

Q: What’s the idea here, to raise awareness while also raising sales?
A: I say this with the utmost respect and humility, but we honestly don’t need the sales. This is strictly about having fun with the web 3 community with an IRL weekly opportunity. We want to show big love in this space, so this is how we’re going to do it. At the same time, much of the general public is still unfamiliar with the technology, and we want to make it a tinge more approachable as they see it more and more in their lives these coming years.

Q: Have you thought about a way to tie in the creators of some NFT projects? 
A: Absolutely. We have 2 large digital frames in production which will feature a different artist and their creations each week. The round table discussion will always have open seats so various projects can collab with us on how theirs can fit into NFTuesday’s.

Q: Do you know other restaurants or bars that are doing something with NFT’s?
A: There are a lot of hospitality projects in the works not only here in Los Angeles, but also Las Vegas and Miami. We’re seeing early movers in spirits as well and have recently partnered with La Leyenda mezcal’s NFT project, which has a multisig wallet set up to give back to the agave farmers and their small town. Quite certain I heard a moonbird on one of those calls, or was it a goblin? It’s a really exciting collection we’ll have to tell you about next time.

Q: Intriguing to say the least. Anything else you want readers to know about NFTuesday’s? 
A: Just come through if you’re in LA on a Tuesday! Follow Boomtown or Stout’s social media to find out when it launches this fall. We’re going to also have highly-collectible, limited-release NFT beers you might not want to miss. We’re ready to have a lot of fun with it and meet people IRL.

Undoubtedly, it is refreshing to watch the relationship between web 2 and web 3 fuse together in such accessible ways. Whether you’re just there to get three bucks off your gourmet burger, or you wave the blockchain flag big and proud, NFTuesday’s sound like a cool thing to check out the next time you’re in LA.