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Next Pepe Contenders $HOPPY, $WOLF, $POP, Trending on DEXTools – Is Low Cap Crypto $EVILPEPE Next?

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 3 min read
Pixabay / Qimino

Meme coins are once again heating up on leading DEXs like Uniswap, and today’s market has already witnessed impressive pumps for feel good projects such as $HOPPY, $WOLF, and $POP.

After a strong year for the meme coin vertical, straight to DEX token launches have enjoyed something of a renaissance as of late, and leading DeFi trading app DEXtools provides insights into the best performing assets in the market today.

Frog-Themed $HOPPY Leaps +250%

DEXtools / Hoppy USD

Leading the pack with an impressive+ 250% pump throughout the morning is $HOPPY.

Launched on July 15, this frog-themed coin has seen a tsunami of volume with $5m flooding in from 3.2k holders.

Currently ranked as the #2 hottest coin on DEXtools, $HOPPY surged from a starting price of just $0.081 to an impressive $0.0735 in a matter of less than 24 hours.

But some are now fearing that despite a market cap of $3m the best could be over, as a significant retracement move (-80%) has seen technical structure shatter.

The downside move has left loyal token holders in the dust at $0.086882 – a reminder of the dangers of DEX pump trading.

$WOLF Token: 1.6k Holders Howling After Bleed-Out


In another stunning example of the highs and lows of DEX trading, $WOLF token saw a similarly choppy run that has left over a thousand holders out of pocket.

The $WOLF token was minted and launched on July 13 at $0.00005, and saw an explosive opening day, undertaking a +4,600% pump straight out of the gate to hit $0.01.

Over a choppy week since, $WOLF has taken an astronomical run, blasting +27,600% to an all time high at $0.01825.

However, it seems things could be over for this one-week sensation, following a cascading bleed-out triggered by collapsing price action on July 16.

This has left 1.6k holders enduring a tumultuous -86% bleed-out over the past 48 hours, leaving many to wonder whether $WOLF is well and truly finished.

$POP Recovery Rally Remains Steadfast

DEXtools / POP USD

One straight to DEX token seemingly breaking this pattern is $POP (Proof of Pepe), a Pepecoin spin-off, this unlikely ERC-20 token is enjoying the afterglow of a surprise $PEPE recovery rally – and things are looking up as 24 hour volumes surge towards $500k.

$POP launched on July 9, and an initial +10,000% moon-shot appeared to end quickly in a typical pump-and-dump fashion with a -90% outflow.

Yet steadfast holding from a legion of 1.34k $POP fans held true, and 6 days later $POP posted a second run to an impressive all-time high at $0.003555.

This bought early investors paper gains to a jaw-dropping +108,000% – positioning it as one of the best token trades of July.

Despite the dramatic upside, a second retracement saw $POP fall -70% from this ATH, but price action today appears to be seeing a recovery (+64%) driven by the price movements in the original $PEPE coin – leading some to believe all is not over quite yet.

$EVILPEPE Gains Insane Traction Ahead of DEX Launch


Finally, in a market flush with meme coins, Evil Pepe Coin ($EVILPEPE) stands out not as a mere imitator but an innovator with exponential growth potential.

The audacious cousin of 2023’s best-performing meme coin, Pepe Coin, $EVILPEPE is set to ride the wave of its predecessor’s success with a twist of its own.

The initial valuation of this promising token is at a measly $2 million, presenting a ground-floor opportunity for potential investors.

With proven teams behind it that brought us Thug Life Token ($THUG) and SpongeBob ($SPONGE), $EVILPEPE is expected to replicate or even surpass the success of these meme coins which saw gains of up to 100x.

But $EVILPEPE’s prospects do not rest solely on its team’s pedigree – its marketing approach, leveraging influencer partnerships and strategic promotion across social media and crypto news outlets, ensures wide visibility, an essential ingredient for growth in this space.

The success of $THUG and $SPONGE attest to the efficacy of this strategy.

Superior Tokenomics of $EVILPEPE 

Source / EvilPepe

Moreover, $EVILPEPE’s commitment to community reflects in its initial token offering.

With 90% of its supply up for grabs during the presale and a one-month lock on 10% for DEX liquidity, the coin reassures investors about stability and fairness.

It sidesteps pump-and-dump pitfalls and instils confidence in its serious commitment to long-term value generation.

The $EVILPEPE team has an ambitious market cap goal of $100 million, a near 50x from its initial valuation.

This, coupled with the team’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the meme coin space, underlines the immense growth potential of this new entrant.


Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.