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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode This Week – IMPT Token Uniswap Listing

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The IMPT token presale ends this weekend – shortly after midnight UTC on Sunday – then holds its IEO on Wednesday Dec 14th. The new green cryptocurrency has been tipped by analysts as the next crypto to expode – with listings confirmed on Uniswap, LBank, Changelly and seven more exchanges yet to be announced.

Earlier this week CEO Denis Creighton and CTO Mike English gave a keynote speech at the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok, on the hot topic of climate change.

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Titled ‘The Planet’s Loyalty Program‘, the speech outlined how the project will make use of blockchain technology and NFTs to improve transparency in the carbon credits market, which McKinsey estimates is set to 100x in valuation over the next few decades.

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

With its real-world utility and applications in industry, IMPT has been one of the most trending cryptocurrency tokens in recent weeks, since beginning its token presale on Oct 3rd. 

To date $17.5 million has been raised at impt.io, making it one of the most successful crypto presales of 2022.

One of the most followed crypto YouTube channels VoskCoin recently reviewed IMPT and its green initiatives for his 607,000 subscribers.

Several other prominent YouTubers also rated IMPT one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode, alongside crypto price tracking site CoinCodex.

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IMPT Presale Ends December 11th

Investors currently have approximately one day and fifteen hours to take part in the IMPT presale by connecting a MetaMask or Trust Wallet to the official website and buying IMPT with USDT or ETH. Tokens can then be claimed on December 12th.

Currently 1 IMPT = $0.023 and its listing price has been set at $0.0253 for December 14th, a 10% gain with no vesting period – other than the project’s venture capital investors, holders are not subject to any lockup duration.

Update – over $18 million has now been raised as momentum continues to build for one the hottest cryptos right now.

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