18 Aug 2021 · 2 min read

New Cryptocurrency to Deploy on Binance Smart Chain for $0.008 on Aug. 20

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Bitcoin Eco (BTCE) to Offer Frequent Mining Awards for Users

New York, United States (Aug 19, 2021) – As major cryptocurrency supporters and investors like Elon Musk have expressed their concerns over the impact digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have on the environment, Bitcoin Eco (BTCE) is on a mission to solve this problem by debuting an eco-friendly solution that offers frequent mining rewards for users who keep the coin in their wallets.


Launching today on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) starting at 0.008 USD, BTCE is an auto-mineable token made with BEP-20 architecture that allows those holding the currency in their wallets to receive rewards every 12 hours starting from 0.2%, weekly starting from 2% and monthly starting from 3%. These awards are only attainable for those who do not perform any transactions from their wallets during these periods of time. Similar to the Bitcoin model, the rewards are scheduled to decrease in halving intervals over time. At launch, the supply will start at one million tokens, which are pre-minted and will be used to provide liquidity on different decentralized exchanges (DEX). The total supply of 21 million tokens will be reached in 10 years through mining rewards.

Bitcoin Eco

As one of the first cryptocurrencies to offers rewards in such a great amount, our mission as environmentalists and financiers is to bring technologies that allow freedom of wealth without causing any harm to our green earth. The first step in doing this is with an eco-friendly Bitcoin,” said Jacob J., the founder of BTCE. “Our main objective is to remain transparent and make the launch fair to everyone. That is why we decided to deploy on BSC, as it’s a fast and cost-efficient blockchain so transactions of BTCE will be fast and consume low fees. We look forward to becoming the driving force in widespread adoption of blockchain technologies that do not harm the environment.”

This is just the start for the digital token as the team has big plans for the future including its own multi-signature wallet, its own decentralized swap, and its own environmentally friendly blockchain. The smart contract of BTCE will be made open-source on Github after the launch to maintain transparency.

To learn more about Bitcoin Eco, visit https://www.ecobitcoin.io/. To join the Telegram community with thousands of other members and growing fast, visit T.me/OfficialBitcoinEco.