Nearly All Bitcoin Holders Profitable, Data Reveals; Monero Rival Attracts Attention from Leading Investors

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Data from IntoTheBlock shows that about 95% of Bitcoin holders can sell for profits right now after prices set a new all-time high (ATH) at $69,170 on March 5. This is the largest share of Bitcoin holders that have been in the green since its previous ATH was set in November 2021.

While being profitable is excellent for BTC investors, a considerable majority of holders being in the green means they are incentivized to sell some of their tokens and take profits. The strong pullback that’s occurred since the new ATH was set suggests many investors are indeed taking profits.

Prices are expected to continue once these investors are done taking profits, with some expecting BTC’s next bull cycle to take prices above $160,000.

InQubeta (QUBE) has also been quite profitable for investors who acquired tokens during its presale beta stage. QUBE prices have grown 250% since the ICO began and tokens are expected to enjoy as much as 10,000% growth once launched on exchanges.

InQubeta (QUBE) poised to dominate the emerging AI crypto space with over $11 million raised

InQubeta has emerged as one of the top DeFi projects to invest in thanks to the resourceful way it plans to unlock artificial intelligence (AI) investments to all who wish to participate. The project uses the functionality of its parent network, the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, to create an investment process that involves tokenizing investment opportunities with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The artificial intelligence sector has grown considerably in the past decade as its viability has improved. It has enjoyed a considerable surge in investments since 2015, going from $12 billion to $120 billion in the past several years. That’s nothing compared to the $1.5 trillion predicted to stream into AI by 2030. A minute percentage of these funds flowing into InQubeta will send QUBE prices skyrocketing, considering the 1.5 billion token cap.

InQubeta investors have two main ways to position themselves to earn generational wealth in the ecosystem:

1. Backing InQubeta

Investors who believe in the future of InQubeta’s investment space can back the ecosystem by buying and holding QUBE. Such investors can stake their tokens to earn more QUBE and they get to be part of the ecosystem’s democratic governance.

QUBE is expected to be worth a few dollars per token in the next few years, positioning those who invest at its present $0.0245 price to earn exponential returns. While BTC has been enjoying the most hype in the cryptocurrency space these days, QUBE will probably enjoy more growth over the coming years.

2. Investing in AI

Investors can obtain equity and other rewards from AI startups by buying non-fungible tokens made by these firms on InQubeta’s crowdfunding platform. These tokens replace the role of stocks in InQubeta’s decentralized investment space.

Bitcoin (BTC) sets new all-time high

Bitcoin setting a new ATH a month before its next halving event shows how much of an effect those investing in BTC ETFs have had on its prices so far. Wall Street now controls over 4% of the total BTC circulating and that figure will keep growing over the next several years.

Bitcoin has emerged as a mainstream investment asset class and some, like Ark Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood, expect prices to reach as high as $1.4 million by 2030 thanks to the over $150 trillion controlled by the asset managers that launched spot Bitcoin ETFs in January.


QUBE and BTC are top cryptos to invest in today given how high prices are expected to go by the end of the year. QUBE is projected to outgrow BTC by a substantial margin due to the investment solutions it plans to offer users and the influx of capital into the AI space.

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