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Midas.Investments Switches To Ethereum To Bolster Its Offerings

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According to an official update, Midas.Investments, one of the topmost CeDeFi platforms has recently finished a migration process for its token’s ($MIDAS) infrastructural domicile from Fantom to the Ethereum blockchain. This cardinal decision is a move in the direction of improvement, as it aims to spike Midas’ number of users and, consequently, the token’s TVL (Total Value Locked). 

Midas.Investments combines both CeFi and DeFi to solve various crypto investment problems. As a growing company, the persistent crypto turbulence spurred it to improve its products and dynamics, thus resulting in its decision to migrate to the Ethereum blockchain. 

Five Main Features To Watch After The Migration To Ethereum 

After the switch is completed, Midas users will get access to both new and upgraded offerings that include Staking, Midas Boost Tiers, Payout Split, Liquidity, and Governance: a combo of various investor-friendly improvements. 

Staking: This gives MIDAS token holders the ability to earn 27.4% APY on their $MIDAS when staked directly on Midas’ platform. Soon, Midas Investment will launch a decentralized app where users will be able to stake $MIDAS directly with a smart contract.

Midas Boost Tiers: A five-level system of Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, which gives continuous greater opportunities for users to boost APYs. Diamond Boost = 30% increase to APR.

MIDAS Payout Split: A never-seen-before — an amount equal to 10% of total platform payouts is used for $MIDAS buybacks from the open market. Since the launch of Payout Split, 155,000+ $MIDAS tokens have been repurchased by Midas.

Liquidity Management: Midas plans to follow the DeFi bribe strategy using other DEXs’ or protocols governance tokens to increase the APY of our pools there in order to grow liquidity and by attracting it from third-party users.

Governance: The peak of Midas’ CeDeFi vision is the MIDAS token. Midas Investments aims to build a DeFi protocol which will allow its holders and believers to make organized “CeDeFi tokenized partnerships and strategies,” and then Midas’ community can vote. 

Midas.Investments: Products, Processes, and Motivation

As a custodial crypto investment platform, Midas.Investments gives investors a platform for earning passive income on major cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and USDT, without the hassle and the inherent security breaches that are akin to the crypto universe. 

The platform’s inventories include fixed yield strategies, automated portfolios, and CeDeFi strategies, which all come with expert oversight of the orderliness and safety of all activities. Strategy performances are traceable for investors via on-chain analytics and while they understand where yields are deriving. 

Meanwhile, the MIDAS token is on the rise, with a market cap of over $100 M, and the number of users who stake it on the platform is more than 6,900. The total amount of staked funds in USD equivalent on the platform is about 70 million USD (more than 1.8 million MIDAS tokens).

In one of his statements, Iakov Levin, the platform’s CEO, and founder mentioned that “The Ethereum ecosystem is developing rapidly — for one, the number of decentralized applications and drawing in users and developers is growing. The migration from Fantom to Ethereum will open up new opportunities for the continued development of the $MIDAS token in the DeFi ecosystem, further expanding on its utility.”

According to Levin, the migration to Ethereum, set to begin in early November, is on track and is going according to the plans. 

Visit the official website or follow Midas.Investments on Twitter or Discord to stay up to date. 

About Midas.Investments 

Midas.Investments is a custodial CeDeFi crypto-investment platform offering market-leading yields on an array of assets, including BTC, ETH, and USDC. Its key mission is to provide a hybrid custodial solution for investors seeking to optimize their crypto investments, generate passive income and build a strong portfolio.

Midas aims to synthesize traditional and new-age solutions to give investors access to a vast range of crypto-assets, swap features, and yield-automated portfolios to allow them to build solid yield-generating portfolios. 

In under four years since its launch, Midas.Investments has attracted more than 10,000 investors worldwide and more than 250 million dollars in Assets Under Management (AUM). The platform is compliant with global crypto-lending regulations and the Swiss rules provided by FINMA and is in the process of getting licenses in both Switzerland and Dubai.