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Metaverse Gaming Just Got a New Competitor That’s Taking on the Sandbox and Star Atlas – Time to Buy?

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The Sandbox and Star Atlas have been pioneering play-to-earn gaming, with The Sandbox promoting community-driven world-building and Star Atlas offering immersive gameplay set in the future. 

However, a new platform called RobotEra has recently emerged as a dominant player in the metaverse gaming space. 

This platform offers an attractive setting, multiple ways for players to earn returns, and an engaging storyline. The game’s developers are currently conducting a presale of its token.

Make Gains in the Metaverse

Metaverse gaming has been a thriving space for the past year. Platforms are currently integrating the metaverse as they hope to give players a new experience entirely, and RobortEra is now poised to be the new market leader.

RobotEra takes inspiration from The Sandbox and Star Atlas. The game allows players to go into a metaverse planet called Taro, where they can buy and monetize assets. 

In RobotEra, players are tasked with rebuilding this planet – which, according to its storyline, was destroyed after a massive battle between an army of robots and the planet’s original inhabitants. These robots are tasked with rebuilding the planet after it was destroyed.

The game allows players to choose an avatar from seven different options. Once chosen, they can purchase land and properties. All items in this game, from avatars to properties, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

RobotEra thrives on players rebuilding the planet in their way. They can build anything and monetize their assets. For instance, a player could purchase land and construct a museum, charge visitors a fee to view the artwork, build concert venues and charge people who want to enjoy live music. 

This sense of control extends beyond gameplay and covers the RobotEra platform. The game is controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which makes its growth and development decisions. This DAO comprises RobotEra’s players, who can vote on proposals instead of leaving the game to its developers to introduce new features. 

Another impressive attribute of the game is its non-requirement for coding knowledge to play the game.

Finally, the game is notable for its abundance of monetization options, and players can engage in side quests and missions where they will be able to earn.

TARO Token – A Great Investment Option

RobotEra’s developers are currently in the first phase of the game’s rollout, including the launch of their native TARO token for presale. 

TARO is valuable as it is the primary payment method in the RobotEra ecosystem. The digital asset can also be staked, which allows holders to earn more units. 

Even amid the bear market, the TARO presale has done quite well. The asset has raised over $570,000 in its presale, showing an impressive level of investor interest. 

The TARO token is currently selling for $0.02, but this will increase to $0.025 in the next stage of the sale.

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