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Meme Coin Wall Street Memes Launches Hourly Buybacks and Net Gaming Revenue Dashboard – $WSM Price Gets Ready to Fly

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023 – GameFi meme coin Wall Street Memes, fresh from the launch of its Casino and Sportsbook, has rolled out hourly buybacks and an unprecedented commitment to transparency with a new token dashboard as the project preps for a price explosion.

Visit to check out the brand new dashboard, where you can find details displayed such as the casino and sportsbook net gaming revenue (NGR), the tally of $WSM bought back, and the current token supply.

Coinciding with the dashboard update, WSM has also launched hourly buybacks to the rewards wallet. Large buyback transactions can be seen on the dashboard, with the team announcing hourly buys will be visible in the next version. The $WSM buyback program started in October.

Already, $1.84 million worth of $WSM has been bought back at the time of writing. The $50 million market cap project has previously stated that a minimum of 10% of net gaming revenue is used for $WSM token buybacks.

The hourly buying in the open market is price-supportive at an inflection point for crypto markets as they entered bull run territory.

Unparalleled transparency for a utility-rich project that beats Rollbit hands down

This first iteration of the WSM dashboard at the time of writing shows combined estimated casino and sportsbook 24-hour revenue totaling $32,700. The rewards wallet continues to grow, now amounting to 72.6 million $WSM. Meanwhile, the dashboard shows the rewards wallet tracker reporting a value of $1.8 million.

Of the total token supply of 2 billion $WSM, 0.13% has been burnt and the rewards wallet has grown to 3.63% of the total.

Other helpful information for $WSM holders includes the token price, trading volume, total value locked and the total number of holders (38,940), although this figure excludes those holding $WSM on centralized exchanges.

The dashboard data points are, for now, based on the previous day’s session. In line with that, revenue numbers are estimated based on the NGR from the previous period, as is the case with rival GameFi project Rollbit.

It is worth mentioning that, unlike Rollbit, WSM offers a staking facility. Stakers are currently earning an APY of 42% and nearly a quarter (472 million $WSM) of the total supply of 2 billion is deposited in the contract.

You can also see on the dashboard how many active players there are in the casino and sportsbook, which at the time of writing was a healthy 1,531.

Intriguingly, the WSM Dashboard also features a ‘coming soon’ link to a perpetuals trading product that the project is developing. More details about this will be released soon, but the news is in line with the project’s previously indicated intent to steal the gaming crown from Rollbit.

Rollbit allows its customers to open leveraged positions on perpetual futures on top cryptocurrencies. Unique to crypto, perps, as their name suggests, allow traders to keep futures positions open for an indefinite period, meaning there is no expiry date.

Crypto derivatives trading commands far larger trading volume than the spot markets. Along with its brand power and million-strong community of engaged traders across multiple socials, Wall Street Memes is putting all the pieces in place to deliver on its mission to democratize finance for the little guy.

Although details are yet to be revealed and development work is thought to be at an early stage, it is likely that $WSM token holders will be able to enjoy preferential trading fees among other possible rewards in addition to the benefits accruinge from the buyback program, staking rewards and the recently launched affiliate program.

Affiliate program 200% bonus and double rewards for wagers using $WSM token

The generous affiliate program allows anyone to earn 40% of net gaming revenue generated by qualifying referred traffic.

For new customers to Wall Street Memes Casino there is also a 200% bonus up to first-time deposit amounts of $25,000. Exclusive to $WSM token holders, first-time $WSM deposits receive 200 free spins on popular slot games.

And if you wager with $WSM you get double rewards because of the ground-up integration of the native token into the gamification dynamics of the platform.

In addition to $WSM, major altcoins are available to wager with including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Tron and Solana.

$50,000 airdrop attracts 140,000 entries – winners to be announced on Wednesday December 13

Wall Street Memes’ marketing efforts are in full flow and the timing could not be better, despite the expected healthy consolidating correction in crypto markets seen this week.

More value returns to token holders this week when the winners of the $50,000 airdrop competition are announced on Wednesday December 13 at 3pm UTC.

The airdrop ended last week with over 140,000 entries to win a share of $50,000. Five lucky winners will be announced tomorrow via the Wall Street Memes social channels, and in its weekly Medium updates.

Also, last week Wall Street Memes struck a partnership deal with IFL TV, one of the hottest online properties in boxing, further cementing the WSM brand in the gaming and sports market demographic.

Using the code ‘IFLTV24’, sign up and deposit $10 at IFL TV to receive a $10 free bet in return:

$WSM 10x price explosion incoming after 27% gain since late November

The price of the $WSM token has risen 27% since November 21 on the back of a steady stream of product release news from the gaming-focused meme coin.

Currently trading at $0.02422, more gains are likely as news of the buybacks spreads and the market fit of the project is realized, given its alignment with the booming meme coin and gambling sectors.

With coins such as Pepe up 2,400% since launch in April this year according to CoinMmarketCcap data, the likes of utility-rich $WSM compare favorably. $WSM could easily generate 10x returns at the current entry price.

As the altcoin season begins and the crypto winter recedes, smart traders and investors are eyeing the market for coins that can demonstrate business models with a bottom line, as opposed to those heavily predicated on the risks of relying on ephemeral viral attractiveness alone.

Market participants looking to position their portfolios for the new altcoin season can buy $WSM on 17 major crypto exchanges, including OKX and KuCcoin.

Futures markets in $WSM are also available. Alternatively, those seeking income as well as exposure to capital gains, can buy and stake $WSM directly on the Wall Street Memes website.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.