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Meme Coin Mania: New Cryptocurrencies Doge Uprising, Pepe Coin, and Wall Street Memes Are Changing The Game

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 3 min read

Despite all the crypto controversy of 2023, there’s no doubt that it has been a fantastic year for meme coins. Trading volumes have soared to a two-year high and some new cryptos even made it to the top 100. Pepe Coin ($PEPE) took meme coins back to their simple roots, copying the genesis of Dogecoin by releasing a throwback meme of 2016’s ‘Pepe the Frog’ and letting the community take it from there. Meanwhile, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) released a coin, after popular demand from the creator’s NFT collection Wall St Bulls, and raised over $13M in just a couple of months.

Now, Doge Uprising ($DUP) is blending a defiant spirit with an immersive world and their $DUP token, leading the charge into the meme coin crypto world. Hoping to redefine the crypto meme space, Doge Uprising promises to be a coin that’s here to stay, repeating the successes of Pepe Coin and Wall Street Memes in Q4 of 2023.

Doge Uprising

Why Did Pepe Coin Have So Much Success?

After its launch on 16th April 2023, Pepe Coin leapt by nearly 7,000% over the following 17 days. By May 5th, the coin had a market value of $1.8B. This huge rate of success sparked widespread investor interest in meme coins as a whole, and trading volumes jumped from $408,000 to $2.6B in only one week.

But why Pepe Coin specifically? The Pepe Coin frenzy came right as Bitcoin was starting to stall and investors were looking elsewhere. When the mainstream market is looking unstable, traders will often shift their focus onto the smaller coins launching in the space. Interestingly, Pepe Coin is self-proclaimed ‘completely useless’. The project was launched for the people without any formal team or roadmap in place for its future. Just like Dogecoin, this crypto has been made for community entertainment purposes only. However, one move that certainly helped its sudden popularity was Pepe Coin’s quick listing on major centralized exchanges, including Binance, enabling derivative trading for the coin.

The Secret Behind Wall Street Memes’ Popularity

Another coin to blow up this year was Wall Street Memes. Back in 2021, the $WSM team released a collection of NFTs via their popular Twitter account, named ‘Wall Street Bulls’. The 10,000-piece collection sold out within 32 minutes, making the creators over $2.5M. The team has since made a second collection, entitled ‘Wall Street Bulls Ordinals’ hoping to see the same level of success.

After these NFT launches blew up, the Wall Street Bulls community called out for the creation of a meme coin – and the result was Wall Street Memes. Within minutes of the presale launch, over $100K was raised, which quickly turned into over $13M in the weeks that followed.

The secret key to the success of both of these meme coins was community trust.

Doge Uprising Bursts Onto The Scene With A New Immersive Project

The Doge Uprising team saw the meme coin mania of 2023 and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to launch their immersive new crypto project. The $DUP token acts as the heart of the Doge Uprising ecosystem, powering the project forward. The key to Doge Uprising is community, which is why they’re the first coin to launch an interactive manga series, smart staking, Web3 universe, and meme coin token. Join the Doge Uprising via impressive Doge Mechas by purchasing one of their exclusive NFTs, or delve into their intricate storyline through their interactive manga series.


Doge Uprising is taking the community trust of Pepe Coin and Wall Street Memes and building it into a Web3 universe, creating an immersive world for its users to enjoy. Join the Doge Uprising now before prices skyrocket and find yourself piloting a giant mechanical Mecha before the year is out.

Doge Uprising ($DUP):