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Mark Cuban lost close to $900K in crypto scam – Investors appreciate the secure mining app of Bitcoin Spark

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Mark Cuban, an American Shark Tank host and Billionaire, has been reported to be a victim of a malicious attack that took over $900k from his Metamask Wallet in a whisker. Mark was shocked and wondered how the white-capped hackers managed to drain virtual currencies from his wallet. This indicates that individual investors and entrepreneurs should conduct a background check of a crypto organization. 

Many virtual currency projects are sophisticated and have conducted a comprehensive audit. Bitcoin Spark is among the decentralized platforms that aim to promote the development of the blockchain ecosystem. In this article, we will discuss the features that make the new platform become distinct. 

Who is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban is an American entrepreneur born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 31, 1958. The venture capitalist has ventured into many businesses that have generated exponential income. Mark made his fortunes from selling his business startup Broadcast.com and MicroSolutions in the 1990s. 

He later purchased the prominent NBA team Dallas Mavericks. The American VC has also put money into the film production industry, and it has been showcased on TV shows such as Shark Tank and Dancing with the Stars. 

Mark Cuban net worth

Mark Cuban is a business entrepreneur who manages to capture the entire business ecosystem. The venture capitalist established an esteemed base for his development. Media reports suggest that Mark Cuban may be valued at $5.2 billion. His revenue streams emanate from his NBA club and other business ventures. 

Bitcoin Spark revolutionizes the Crypto Industry

The crypto industry needs a blockchain platform that has massive potential for development. Bitcoin Spark is a new project that will enhance the development of the blockchain ecosystem. Among the exciting parts concerning the network is that Cognitos and Vital Block have audited the platform’s Know Your Customer and Smart Contract. Moreover, the project has a comprehensive roadmap that showcases the development of the platform from the first stage of the initial coin offering towards the post-launch phases. 

Compared to other digital currencies with limited revenue-generated resources, Bitcoin Spark has incorporated several methods to generate income. The platform has two distinct methods: advertisement and rendering processing power to organizations and individuals. The processing power is acquired from validator nodes. 

This processing is also used to conduct works such as solving intrinsic equations and rendering film. The team behind the project will take 3% of the revenue generated from this activity for maintenance and upkeep. Another method for income generation is through advertisement. 

The project has allocated a small unused part of its application, and the website will be used for advertisements. This advertisement will be undertaken uniquely algorithmically to support supply and demand mechanisms. In this section of revenue generation, the team will take 50% of income and upkeep. 


The crypto niche is quickly gaining insights, and many venture capitalists and individual investors are already investing in the ecosystem. The decentralized ecosystem will see massive adoption with the inauguration of the new platform. Bitcoin Spark will give the industry an increment in market capitalization. 

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