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Kenny Coin, Inspired by South Park, Gears Up for Presale with Potential for 100x Growth

Stu Clelland
Last updated: | 4 min read

Meme coin degens strap on your seatbelts -– the next meme coin to explode Burn Kenny Coin ($KENNY), is about to launch its highly anticipated presale.

Burn Kenny Coin is a new meme coin based on the running South Park gag of character Kenny’s multiple untimely deaths (“OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY!”).

And the meme coin community is pumped for the token’s presale in the wake of the recent success of a similar South Park-themed meme coin presale/DEX launch.

Mr Hankey Coin charged 3x higher from its presale price of $0.00125 to print an intra-day high of $0.003413 last week – equivalent to a 174% return.

That success followed a blockbuster sellout presale that rose $500,000 in under 10 hours.

Now Burn Kenny Coin promises to emulate, and even surpass, Mr Hankey Coin’s achievements.

Burn Kenny Coin presale is expected to launch at 6 pm CET on Thursday, 20th July. The decentralized exchange (DEX) listing is likely sometime on Friday.

Burn Kenny Coin: The Perfect Recipe for a 100x Meme Coin?

Thanks to a combination of its very low valuation presale, excellent tokenomics, and experienced/proven marketing team, Burn Kenny has all the ingredients of a meme coin that could potentially 100x from its presale price.

Let’s examine this further.

Burn Kenny Coin: Discover the Hidden Potential of This Low Cap Gem

Burn Kenny Coin is also looking to raise $500,000 via a sale of 40% of the initial $KENNY token supply, with 2.666 million tokens up for grabs at a flat price of $0.0001875.

That means the presale values $KENNY at a tiny market cap of just $1.25 million – a true low-cap gem.

When a project has a very low market cap, like Burn Kenny, this leaves plenty of room for explosive upside for early investors.

And meme coin degens have a unique opportunity here to be one of those early investors.

$KENNY: The Deflationary Token Shaking Up the Market

Recent success story Mr Hankey Coin raised $500,000 in a presale that valued its coin at $1.25 million.

But Burn Kenny Coin is going one step further than Mr Hankey Coin did to bring value to the investor.

In-fitting with its name, Burn Kenny Coin has an in-built burn mechanism designed to create deflation and lift the $KENNY price over time.

To achieve this, 30% of the token supply has been set aside for future token burns.

Unlike many deflationary token designs that burn, sometimes intermittently, over long periods, Burn Kenny Coin takes a different and probably more profitable one for its coin buyers and holders – the burn mechanism kicks in 24 hours after the DEX listing and lasts for just three days. 

Three-Month DEX Liquidity Lock Accounts for 30% of Allocation

The remaining 30% of the $KENNY supply is dedicated to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity.

That’s important because, in the absence of plentiful liquidity, meme coin degens often face the hurdle of inefficient buying and selling and significant potential losses due to price slippage.

Significantly, Burn Kenny Coin’s team has also pledged to lock this liquidity for three months, ensuring that there is no rug pull.

Allocating such a large percentage of a new meme token’s supply to a DEX liquidity lock is a rare move in the scam-ridden meme coin space and should help bolster confidence in the project.

Experienced Marketing Team Known for Generating Market Surges

It’s understood that Burn Kenny Coin is actually being launched by the very same marketing team that brought us not just Mr Hankey Coin but also Thug Life Token ($THUG) and SpongeBob ($SPONGE), which recently did 3x and 100x gains, respectively.

The marketing team in question was able to pull off these remarkable feats by securing partnerships with dozens of influencers and reputable crypto news websites.

Expect them to have similar success in spreading the word far and wide regarding Burn Kenny Coin.

In fact, the team’s efforts are already evident.

All you have to do is type Burn Kenny Coin into Google search, and you will see websites such as Finbold, Cointelegraph, CryptoPotato, Coingape, Cision, and many more covering the token.  

YouTubers are also already on the bandwagon, with one crypto expert predicting substantial return on investment for $KENNY buyers. 

Given the team’s track record in delivering impressive meme coin pumps, there is a strong likelihood of $KENNY achieving at least 3x gains.

Buy Burn Kenny Coin Here

Kenny Token Presale May Reach Capacity in Just 5 Hours

Meme coin degens should not wait around to buy.

The Burn Kenny Coin presale is expected to sell out even faster than Mr Hankey Coin – perhaps in as little as 5 hours.

Head over to the Burn Kenny website now, where you can click through to become a follower of the Twitter account and join the Telegram channel, so you will be first to know when the presale starts. 

To buy $KENNY in presale, you will need Ethereum.

Connect your wallet at, set how much you wish to buy, approve the connection and purchase, and you are done.

Return to the site and claim your tokens after the presale has concluded.

Buy $KENNY on the sly before the rest of the world wakes up, and you could bag the easiest 3x, or more, opportunity in crypto.