Is It Too Late to Buy Aptos? APT Price Turns Green As This Latest Meme Coin Prepares for Exchange Listing

Trent Alan
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Aptos price
The Aptos price has surged after ecosystem summit announcements sparked renewed interest in the layer-1 blockchain protocol. Image by Kerem Goktug Kaya, DALL-E 3.

Aptos is currently capturing investor interest following the first day of the Aptos Ecosystem Summit, which revealed major updates for the project.

Aptos Labs CEO Mo Shaikh highlighted the industry’s shift from skepticism to embracing Web3 technologies and L1 blockchains, with Aptos at the front. Aptos has been praised for its rapid growth within the Move ecosystem, a factor that could influence its market position.

Aptos Price: Breaking Down the Technical Indicators

The market paints a mixed picture, however. Last week, Aptos displayed a concerning double-top pattern, often seen as a bearish indicator. Despite this, the announcement from the Summit seems to have sparked a recovery. The Aptos price surged 17.77% to a high of $8.821, diverging from the broader market trends, which saw Bitcoin retrace to the $38,800 range. Currently, Aptos is trading at $8.514.

The 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) for Aptos is positioned at $8.912, slightly above the 50-day EMA of $8.730, and significantly above the 100-day EMA of $8.142. This EMA alignment typically indicates a bullish sentiment, suggesting that the Aptos price might continue to see an upward trend.

It’s important to consider the 17.77% jump to an intraday high, as this sudden surge could lead to a temporary overbought scenario.

Aptos price chart showing the recent recovery from last week's double top pattern.
Source: TradingView / APTUSDT

MACD and RSI: Indicators of Momentum and Overbought Conditions

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) for Aptos currently stands at -0.148, a slight decrease from the previous day’s -0.142. Although the MACD is in the negative zone, its minimal change suggests a stabilizing momentum, which could support the recent price increase.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) today is 46.96, down from 47.89 yesterday. While staying below the overbought threshold of 70, this drop in RSI implies that there’s still room for upward movement before the Aptos price hits overbought conditions. Consequently, despite the recent price rally, the RSI indicates that Aptos is not yet in a zone where a major pullback is imminent due to overextended buying.

Resistance and Support Levels: Key Price Points to Watch

The Aptos price is currently consolidating between the golden Fibonacci levels of $8.615 and $8.521. A decisive move above these levels could lead to a test of the next resistance at $8.963. Should the Aptos price break this barrier, further targets are at $9.311, and eventually, the critical double top area at $10.436. Overcoming these levels would require high buying pressure, potentially reinforcing the bullish trend.

On the downside, if the golden support at $8.521 fails to hold, the next support is at $8.353, followed by $8.120. Another critical support zone ranges from $8.031 to $7.783. These levels could provide crucial buffers against any downward correction, offering potential entry points for investors if a pullback occurs.

The recent developments around Aptos and technical indicators present a mixed but cautiously optimistic picture. While the EMA alignment and moderate RSI levels support a potential upward trend continuation, the MACD suggests a need for vigilance, as momentum is not strongly bullish.

Investors and traders should consider a trading strategy that accommodates potential volatility. This could involve setting stop-loss orders just below key support levels to manage risks while capitalizing on the upward potential of the Aptos price.

While Aptos’ recent upside price action shows promise, the project’s explosive gains are already behind it. Hence, why a new meme coin project called Meme Kombat has turned investors’ heads in recent weeks—quietly raising over $7.3 million in an ongoing presale. With the presale entering its final stage, the upcoming Uniswap listing is generating excitement in crypto circles.

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The Next Promising Meme Coin Enters the Arena

At its core, Meme Kombat is bringing internet memes to life through a unique battle arena experience. Users can wager the native MK token on fights between AI-controlled meme characters, with victors earning prizes and staking rewards.

By staking MK, token holders can earn yields up to 155% per year—the rate will decrease as the staking pool grows. This incentivizes early participation for the highest potential yields.

Beyond the arena, MK is looking to become one of the top meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Projects like Pepe and Bonk have shown meme coins can still deliver 100x returns, especially with engaged communities and strategic listings.

With $7.3 million raised so far, Meme Kombat seems to be in a good spot to capitalize on the current meme coin momentum.

For now, the MK presale provides a narrowing window for speculative investors to gain exposure before launch.

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