Invest Early in This Coin for Presale Prices: A Savvy Strategy Ahead of the 2024 Surge


Crypto savvy is the new savvy in the investment world. Experts of the crypto world have prediction that 2024 will see a huge surge. Most of the prospective tokens are proving themselves according to their predictions and NFTFN with a sound innovative foundation at its initiation is a prosmising token to be added to a investment portfolio.

The Flagship Index – SuperNova

The flagship index SuperNova has been created to make NFT accessible and cost-effective to all prospective NFT traders. SuperNova index will expose all NFT traders to a wide and varied entry to the NFT market & which will result in spreading the risk across multiple NFTs. The impact of underperformance or volatility in any single NFT will be reduced by SuperNova. To create a marked improvement in liquidity and create a more inclusive and rewarding experience for all NFT participants NFTFN has redefined a market upgrade over the limitations of the traditional market.

With SuperNova and more forthcoming indexes, NFTFN aims to democratize the NFT space, thus incorporating a wider participation and unlocking the potential of the NFT market for all interested traders and enthusiasts.

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Why Choose NFTFN

What NFTFN brings in its index is an in-depth understanding of the traditional NFT market like high entry costs, limited liquidity, and challenges in identifying authentic blue-chip projects from all the new initiatives that are showing up. Along with these there is an absence of adequate hedging mechanisms which also leaves investors quite exposed to market volatility.

NFTFN addresses these with the SuperNova Index.

In-Depth Research by NFTFN

The in-detail research that NFTFN has done to understand the low participation of interested traders in the NFTs is pretty evident from the features it has come up with. These features have not only addressed the issues but opened up an unexplored territory of investment to the world.

  1. Rigorous Selection Process – All NFTFN Blue-chip NFTs are selected meticulously, which has multiple filtering stages to ensure that the most valuable and high-quality projects make it to the final index.
  2. Orderbook Exchange – NFTFN will create a transparent and fair trading experience platform that makes all orders visible to the public. Information like the bid and ask lists will be readily accessible.
  3. No Slippage Fees – Users will not incur any slippage fees or any other hidden costs. All investors can sell, buy, and trade with transparency.
  4. Multi-token Margin – Introducing a vast choice of digital assets that happens with a seamless integration from a wide range of ERC-20 tokens.
  5. Up to 10x Leverage – Users can boost their trading potential by leveraging their funds with up to 10x leverage.
  6. Exposure to Multiple Blue-Chip NFTs – Exposure to a diverse portfolio of blue-chip NFTs, and access to some of the most sought-after digital assets in the world.

Low Entry Barrier – An accessible price point to top-performing NFT collections.

About NFTFN:

NFTFN has shown from its sound innovation that it is the leading crypto platform for trading various digital assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment threshold of just $10, investors can easily take either long or short positions on the asset class of their choice, making it a suitable platform for traders across all levels.


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