14 Sep 2021 · 3 min read

Innovative ‘Dizzy Dragons’ Launches Unique Deflationary NFT Project

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

On July 29, 2021, the NFT marketplace was introduced to 7500 unique pixelated dragons which were created procedurally and created from over 200 different traits of varying scarcity. At the surface it may look like just another procedurally generated NFT collection, but it was soon discovered that this collection came with a catch. On Sept 3, 2021, the developers unleashed an event called ‘fusion’ to the Dizzy Dragons community which allowed holders to fuse two dragons together, burning the originals, and minting an all-new dragon in its place. But, to sweeten the deal further, those who have fused have also been given the opportunity to re-roll new traits in place of generic traits with the possibility of acquiring new and ultra-rare ones created specifically for this second mint. This is where ‘game theory’ comes in to play, because even the most basic and common floor dragons now have a chance of becoming highly valuable through this secondary burn and mint function. It has never been done before and is only available to holders for a limited amount of time before the entire collection is locked into the blockchain permanently. After subtracting the 5 dragons already burned by the founders, the 7495 dragons remaining could be reduced to a minimum of 3748 Dizzies in total.

Visit Dizzy Dragons on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/dizzydragons

The Dizzy Dragon NFTs were minted at a cost of 0.025 ETH a little more then a month ago, and now the average sale price sits around 0.13 ETH. Currently the floor price for a basic Dizzy Dragon NFT sits around 0.08 ETH and was nearly double this before the recent crypto volatility that caused some fear in the markets. To date this project has accumulated over 352 ETH in volume traded (or about 1.2 million USD) and more than 1600 Dragons have been burned with 800 new fused ones taking their place on the secondary markets. As demand increases in this project during fusion, the supply will continue to decrease, and its deflationary mechanics will make these NFTs more difficult to obtain. But the Dizzy Dragon collection was never created to be a short-term flip, it was created as a project of passion by a dedicated artist with a long-term vision and a creative team behind it that truly aims to bring value back to their token holders. To date, Dizzy NFT holders have been rewarded with multiple airdrops, giveaways, metaverse parties and Dizzy ‘alpha’ insider information by a veteran in the NFT industry. The Discord for this community is highly recommended and brings the most value to token holders; it can be found here: https://discord.gg/gKGWFW5N. The Dizzy Den is very friendly and makes a great resource for newbies to the NFT space while they continue to learn and grow.

The core team behind the project is spearheaded by pixel artist Rob Levy, and lead-marketeer xBenJamminx who has a wealth of experience in the NFT space, particularly with regards to project management. There are three other core members who have helped to code and write the lore for the Dizzy Den - more information on the team and ‘fusion’ can be found at the official website: https://dizzydragons.club/. Rob Levy also has a background in filmmaking and video production from earlier in his career outside of NFTs, but recently pivoted to work as a full-time pixel artist. He is co-founder of a pixel animation company named ‘Inside the Box Animations’ and has created multiple episodes of a pixelated Star Wars themed fan-fiction starring Han Solo. There are even rumours that future animations may star some of the Dizzy community’s favorite NFT Dragons.

The Dizzy team is fully transparent with their community and hosts weekly stage chats in discord to keep the holders updated and engaged. There are also plans to increase brand awareness for the Dizzy Dragons and to continue adding value for current holders after fusion is complete. A roadmap 2.0 for post-fusion is due for public release shortly and will be shared with the community soon enough. Do you have what it takes to fuse your own dragon? You won’t regret it. Join us at the Dizzy Den today!


  • Official Dizzy Dragons Page - @DizzyDragonsNFT
  • BenJammin (Marketing) - @xBenJamminx
  • Rob Levy (Pixel Artist) - @Roblevypixels