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How to Buy 5th Scape Token 2024 – Easy Guide

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 7 min read
5thScape Presale Site

5thScape is a new crypto project heralding the future of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. This project is building its own VR headset and developing a wide range of VR games that promise to be more immersive than anything that exists today.

5thScape has the potential to revolutionize gaming—and then could go on to dominate the new AR/VR landscape.

Right now, early investors have a chance to buy 5thScape’s token, $5SCAPE, before it hits exchanges. We’ll explain everything investors need to know about 5thScape and walk through how to buy 5thScape token during the presale.

What is 5th Scape?


is an Ethereum-based project creating a new product line for AR and VR gaming.

5thScape Presale Site

The team behind this project plans to create several VR games that are compatible with existing headsets like the Oculus Rift and Meta Quest 3. After establishing itself as the leading developer of AR and VR games, 5thScape plans to move into hardware and build its own VR headset and AR gaming chair.

At the heart of 5thScape is the $5SCAPE token, which will serve as the currency for all 5th Scape games. Players will need $5SCAPE to purchase access to games and make in-game purchases. Game developers can earn $5SCAPE for contributing to the project’s planned VR gaming marketplace.

VR Games

5thScape has several VR games in the works, including:

  • Cage Conquest
  • Epic Cricket Arena
  • Immersive Kickoff
  • Archery Master
  • Thrust Hunter

The Cage Conquest game, which will put players in the ring with UFC fighters, is the first game 5thScape plans to release. According to the roadmap in the 5thScape whitepaper, the team plans to release this game in Q2 2024.

5thScape Cage Conquest Game

Investors and gamers interested in learning more about the games 5thScape has planned can get additional details in the project’s X, Telegram, and Discord groups.

VR Ultra Headset

5thScape also plans to make a splash in the VR hardware market, which is expected to be worth $36 billion in the US alone by 2032. The project has outlined a plan to create a “VR Ultra Headset” that will deliver high-resolution gaming and precise motion tracking.

5thScape VR Ultra Headset

Notably, the headset will work not only for 5thScape’s games, but also for applications like healthcare, education and more. Some experts think that VR has the potential to transform a variety of industries, and the VR Ultra Headset could put 5thScape at the center of that transformation.

Developer Marketplace

5thScape also has plans to create the world’s largest marketplace for AR and VR developers. This could create a positive feedback loop for 5thScape—if there is more development for the VR Ultra Headset, more people will use it, and so more developers will want to build for that device.

The marketplace will rely on 5thScape’s $5SCAPE token to pay developers and incentivize specific projects. It will also provide developers with access to funding by putting them in front of investors and giving them access to grants.

The opportunity here is enormous, since AR and VR software is expected to be the largest market segment within the AR/VR market. It’s already estimated to be worth $13 billion globally.

Tokenomics and Presale Information

5thScape’s $5SCAPE token plays an important role in this project as the currency unifying all of 5thScape’s games, hardware products, and developer marketplace.

$5SCAPE is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 5.211 billion tokens. The token can be used to pay for access to 5thScape games and make in-game purchases. Token holders will receive a discount compared to users who pay with other methods.

5thScape Introduction Video

Moreover, presale investors will receive lifetime free access to 5thScape’s early games as a thank-you for their support of the project.

Token holders will also be able to stake their $5SCAPE tokens, enabling them to earn rewards simply for being a part of the project. The 5thScape team also envisions enabling token holders to vote on which projects in the marketplace receive development funds, putting power in the hands of the 5thScape community.

The 5thScape presale, going on now, plans to offer 80% of the total $5SCAPE token supply for sale and raise up to $15 million. The presale is split into 12 stages, with an initial $5SCAPE price of $0.00187 and a final price of $0.0087. 5thScape plans to list the token at a price of $0.01.

Presale Stage Available Token Quantity Price
1 668 million $0.00187
2 581 million $0.00215
3 504 million $0.00248
4 438 million $0.00285
5 382 million $0.00327
6 332 million $0.00376
7 288 million $0.00433
8 251 million $0.00498
9 218 million $0.00572
10 189 million $0.00658
11 165 million $0.00757
12 143 million $0.00870
Listing Total Raise: $15 million Listing Price: $0.01

That means investors in the first round of the presale can see potential unrealized gains of 435% at listing.

The 20% of tokens not sold during the presale will be reserved for project development (10%) and exchange liquidity (10%).

Tokens purchased during the presale are subject to a lock and vesting schedule. 40% of purchased tokens will be unlocked at the $5SCAPE token generation event. The remaining tokens will be locked for 8 weeks. Staking rewards on presale tokens will vest after 8 months.

This approach encourages investors to hold onto $5SCAPE tokens past its initial listing and the rollout of the first several VR games.

Here are additional details about the $5SCAPE token:

Hard Cap $15 million
Total Tokens 5.211 Billion
Tokens available in presale 4,164,175,455
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase None
Purchase with ETH, USDT, Card

How to Buy 5thScape ($5SCAPE) Tokens – Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to buy 5thScape token during the presale:

Step 1: Set Up a Crypto Wallet

Investors will need an ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet in order to connect to the 5thScape presale site. We recommend using MetaMask because it’s free, secure, and easy to use.

To set up MetaMask, download the wallet for a browser or smartphone. Then create an account and set a strong password. Write down the seed phrase and store it somewhere secure, since this is required to access the wallet on another device.

MetaMask wallet review

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Investors must swap Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) for $5SCAPE tokens during the presale. The easiest way to get these coins is to use a centralized exchange that accepts fiat deposits. Options include Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and others.

Once an investor has purchased ETH or USDT, they can withdraw the tokens from their exchange account and transfer them to their MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Connect to 5thScape Presale

Visit the 5thScape presale site

and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize a connection to the MetaMask wallet. The presale site will automatically detect the amount of ETH or USDT available to purchase $5SCAPE tokens.

5thScape Presale Stage 1

Step 4: Buy $5SCAPE Tokens

Enter the amount of ETH or USDT to swap for $5SCAPE tokens. The presale site will automatically calculate the corresponding amount of $5SCAPE tokens based on the current presale price.

When ready, click ‘Buy’ to complete the transaction.

Step 5: Claim $5SCAPE Tokens

$5SCAPE tokens purchased during the presale will be available to claim after the presale ends, but before the token lists on exchanges. Only 40% of the tokens will be available to claim immediately—the remaining 60% can be claimed 8 weeks after the token launches.

Return to the presale site and connect the MetaMask wallet. Click ‘Claim’ and follow the prompts to claim the purchased tokens.


5thScape is building the AR and VR technology and games of the future. The project has the potential to transform the gaming landscape with new titles and industry-leading headsets. Plus, a developer marketplace can extend 5thScape’s lead and make it the go-to ecosystem for AR and VR software.

Right now, investors can buy 5thScape’s $5SCAPE token on presale at a steep discount to the planned list price. Don’t miss this chance to get in on the early stages of the presale and join the 5thScape project.



What is 5thScape crypto?

5thScape is a AR/VR development project that’s building a suite of VR games and a new VR headset. The project’s native cryptocurrency, $5SCAPE, is on presale now and offers investors access to the project’s first games.

What is the price of the 5thScape token?

The 5thScape token is available to buy at a price of $0.00187 during the first stage of the presale. That’s a discount of more than 80% from the planned token list price of $0.01.

How to buy 5thScape coin?

Investors can buy 5thScape’s $5SCAPE token from the project’s presale site. They must connect a wallet with ETH or USDT, then swap for $5SCAPE coins. Purchased tokens will be released to investors at the end of the presale.