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Get Rewarded for Voting With This New Meme Crypto Platform – Will It Be the Next Shiba Inu?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 1 min read

If there is one thing blockchain has come to be associated with, it is disruption. Beginning from value exchanges amongst peers, the innovative accounting solution has since oiled its way into gaming, entertainment, and fitness. Now, it is making a stop in politics via a meme coin project.

Meme coins started with DOGE and were intended to be a sarcastic tool to the plethora of alternative currencies that sprung up after Bitcoin’s rise.

However, the joke crypto ecosystem has since spun out more than that. Now, a meme coin is changing the dynamics of how we can participate in civil activities by ensuring we are rewarded for exercising these rights.

Love Hate Inu Driving Youth Social Engagement

If there is one thing youths are known for, it is that the majority of them are apolitical to a fault. Voting or even registering interest in the political space is best left to the elderly and those who enjoy the game of backstabbing. 

However, the dynamics have recently changed in the last four years following the global COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing poor health and fiscal policies most world governments have enacted in response to the issue.

Inflation, high mortality rate, and ongoing continental issues in Europe have served as a signal for youths to lend their voice towards creating a better and more justice-driven society. 

Good morning, #LoveHateInu community! ☀️🐶$LHINU is not just any ordinary meme token! 💥

Our goal is to create a platform for collective decision-making on important issues! 🗳️🤝

Join us now and be a part of the fun!🎉🚀

🔗 #altcoins

— Love Hate Inu (@LoveHateInu) March 11, 2023

With the Love Hate Inu token, LHINU, users will need to stake the digital asset and then get to vote on any issues depicted as meme polls. 

These issues can be social, political, or even economic. With this new system, online users can see their voices heard while working towards an equal society.

Love Hate Inu Set to Disrupt the Survey Market

Surveys are quite popular and useful in gathering public opinion about a subject or mapping out a market niche. 

According to a report by the Business Research Company, the online survey market surged from $2.79 billion in 2022 to $3.2 billion this year. 

The positive trend is expected to continue in the coming years, with the report stating that the survey market will likely hit $5.69 billion in market cap by 2027, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5% year-over-year.

Love Hate Inu would easily tap into this established market landscape and provide a transparent and fair ecosystem where users can participate in trending meme polls and earn on the side. 

With more social awareness coming from the youth, Love Hate Inu would become the go-to online survey destination to express sentiments on public issues.

The impressive thing about it is that the entire voting process is especially easy to do and requires very basic computer operating skills. All the users need to do is stake their LHINU token and tap between ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’ to poll their opinions. 

In return, the votes with the highest number of users get the overarching win.

The LHINU token’s fundamental concept has since garnered remarkable interest, given the initiative it presents. 

Since making its debut in the past week, the digital asset has already generated over $290,000 in investor funds. Early-bird investors can easily pile up on the social-facing asset for a current price of $0.000085 at the moment before the next milestone begins.

Visit Love Hate Inu Here

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